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Comment: Re:Bye bye Silverlight (Score 1) 202

by art123 (#47166381) Attached to: Netflix Ditches Silverlight For HTML5 On Macs

>A year or so ago I complained about Netflix using silverlight. I said that it was a stupid choice and that Silverlight was a Microsoft also-ran. A few people replied that they knew programmers at Netflix and that they were very smart and knew far more than some simpleton like me.

Silverlight was the better solution one year ago. Now there is parity so it is an option. Is that really too hard for you to understand?

Comment: Re:Let the bitching begin.... (Score 2) 558

by art123 (#40849131) Attached to: Windows 8 Is Ready

Did you just put .NET in the does not work pile and Objective-C in the does work? I think I see flying pigs out my window.

You sound like you know nothing about Microsoft APIs. MFC is a C++ framework to make Win32 UIs a little easier to write. WinForms is the managed wrapper for Win32 UIs. WFC has nothing to do with UIs.

The OS team at Microsoft has always been about C and COM. Nothing has changed.

Comment: Re:MS and opportunities (Score 1) 282

by art123 (#39078363) Attached to: Microsoft's Killer Tablet Opportunity

Surface - so you admit that Microsoft is innovating and trying to create a new market where one didn't previously exist.

Metro - so you don't deny the fact that Microsoft is the first to make a unified UI from 3" screen to 80" screen and all form factors from phone to tablet to pc to gaming. You thinking it is a bad idea does not change the fact that Microsoft is innovating and not just cloning a competitor after "they're sure a market exists",

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by art123 (#39032671) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Making a Tablet Run Only One Application?

Wow. I just read "Digital Exams on the iPad" and it sounds like something Rube Goldberg would come up with if he was still alive.

They go through a ton of trouble to use the iPad only to end up with a printout of a PDF.

So why didn't they just use a printed test to being with?

Talk about using technology for technology's sake alone.