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Ted Dziuba Says, "I Don't Code In My Free Time" 619

theodp writes "When he gets some free time away from his gigs at startup Milo and The Register, you won't catch Ted Dziuba doing any recreational programming. And he wouldn't want to work for a company that doesn't hire those who don't code in their spare time. 'You know what's more awesome than spending my Saturday afternoon learning Haskell by hacking away at a few Project Euler problems?' asks Dziuba. 'F***, ANYTHING.'"

Submission Inkjet To the Bone

Stargaser writes: "There is another implementation of inkjet technology, now it helps create artificial bones. With a modified inkjet printer, scientists can produce perfect 'hard copies' of damaged bones to be inserted into the body to help it revive."

Feed San Diegans convert carbon dioxide to fuel via solar energy->

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Being Earth Week and all, it's not too surprising to hear of San Diegans stretching their mental might and figuring out an effective way to convert carbon dioxide to fuel, but according to the University of California, San Diego, that's precisely what they've done. Clifford Kubiak and Aaron Sathrum have reportedly developed a prototype device "that can capture energy from the sun, convert it to electrical energy, and split carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and oxygen." Interestingly, this concept produces more than just an alternate source of fuel, as CO2 splitting also creates a "useful industrial chemical" in CO, and furthermore, helps reduce a greenhouse gas. Currently, they are building the device using a gallium-phosphide semiconductor, and while the existing rendition still requires "additional energy" outside of sheer sunlight for the process to work, they're hoping that the American Chemical Society will warm up to the idea and give 'em a helping hand.

[Via Physorg, thanks Richard N.]

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Feed White Dwarf And Ultra-cool Dwarf Keep Their Distance->

Astronomers have discovered a rare binary system consisting of a white dwarf, a Sun-like star that has reached the end of its life, and an ultra-cool dwarf, which is the smallest kind of star. To make the discovery even more unusual, the co-orbiting pair has by far the widest separation ever detected in this type of binary system.
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DOJ Names Dozens of IT Vendors in Kickback Scheme 174

grantus writes "Today, the U.S. Department of Justice joined three whistleblower lawsuits against Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and Accenture alleging a massive kickback scheme on government contracts. Among the IT vendors listed in the lawsuit as Accenture partners are Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Dell and Oracle."
NES (Games)

Submission Worlds Rarest NES Cartridge Almost Sold For 1$

Zarjazz writes: If both the innocence / ignorance of the seller and the validity of the winning bidder are to be believed, a job lot of 24 NES cartridges for $24 (1$ per game) eventually sold for over $20,000 after it was noticed that one of the cartridges was a special winners edition of 'Nintendo World Championships 1990'

After the death of his son in Iraq, the seller placed the games up for auction hoping "whoever buys the games will enjoy them as much as my son did!". NWC contained special versions of Super Mario Brothers, Rad Racer and Tetris to be played under a fixed time limit. At least 90 of these copies exist in a grey cartridge and were given out to semi-finalists of the 1990 NWC however only 26 of these cartridges exist in "gold" for the winners and are considered to be the rarest and most valuable NES cartridge released. The game can be clear seen lurking in the bottom left corner of the original auction image.

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