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Comment: Re: Apples dont get viruses rehashed ? (Score 0) 72

Actually, the term 'iOS' no matter how its cased, is used as a general term now for most any operating system in an appliance or phone. Yes, Cisco was the first to use it, but IBM was the first to use "PC", and dos used to stand for disk operating system before Microsoft and the Internet. Like it or not, it happens.

Comment: Re:I don't see a problem.. Follow the... (Score 1) 346

by arkane1234 (#45405449) Attached to: Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Vanishes, Taking £2.5m of Coins With It

If something has a tangible value attached to it, and is being deemed a form of currency, it's property in one form or another.
Let's not try the hippy mentality with something like this. That ranks right up there with saying "pot wants to be free mannnn, give me some".

Comment: Re:Learning curve is a 80 degree gradient (Score 1) 332

by arkane1234 (#45405253) Attached to: Aging Linux Kernel Community Is Looking For Younger Participants

I'm no kernel code developer, but I'm a systems engineer with light C/C++ experience and that is the reason I stopped contributing to the Gentoo community as well.
While they don't parallel in many ways, the team thought process was kind of the same.
I created full documentation on logical volume management installation with raid setup and so forth during Gentoo installation from scratch and it amounted to them saying to learn their documentation coding language and put it into that. I had other things to do aside from learning a language (some odd hybrid SGML that wasn't well documented) that I'd only use for that purpose.
I used Gentoo for a bit after that but it got to the point of not compiling cleanly due to dependency issues which told me the package management system was suffering the same issues as the documentation more than likely. Haven't really used Gentoo since 2005 for those reasons.

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