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by aristotle-dude (#47892021) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

If it's really free, can I download and install it legally on my assembled PC?

Do you normally advocate violating license terms of a GPL product? Do you advocate lying to obtain an educational license of a product? Do you advocate lying to get an open source developer license of a development tool for free? The terms of the license are that you get OS X for free but you must use it on a mac. Why is it so hard for you to understand? They don't want to sell another version for OEMs to put on generic hardware and that it their choice as copyright holders how their software should be licensed.

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Can't wait until the tie in between OS and hardware for Macs is shut down too. Being able to use MacOSX on any x86 compatible computer or buying able to buy a macbook without the OS (and don't give me the "Apple give away the OS!" crap, its value is baked in into the hardware, its just indirect...).

We wouldn't want any double standard here!

OS X is free as in beer if you have a mac and meet the minimum hardware requirements. The requirement for mac hardware is in the license. Are you here to tell us that you think the GPL terms should be ignored because you don't like them?

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That's really what I look for too and value in a degree -- it shows that they have at least some history being committed to a large effort, seeing things through, learning new things, having communication skills, knowing how to write technical reports, etc.

Everything you wrote above can be applied to someone who has been with an employer for a number of years and been committed to a large project. Changes in teams, technologies and positions can demonstrate the ability to see things through, a willingness to learn new things, having communication skills and knowing how to write technical reports.

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And no, I don't think they abused their "product" either. They did what they always do--show people things selectively to elicit a response. Usually it's called "advertising." In this case called it "research."

Question, how do you manage to type these shilling/apology post for facebook bent over with your head up your ass?

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Yes, and liberals such as myself contend that marriage is a human right. If tolerance means allowing gay individuals to have human rights, then they must have the right to marriage.

When was the last time basic human rights required a license? Driving a car requires a license and most people would consider it not a right but rather a privilege with a specific set or requirements. Both marriage and driving have "age" requirements and marriage used to have very specific test that you had to take (blood tests and record searches).

So tell me again, how is it a basic human right? Can you marry multiple people without first divorcing a spouse? No? That does not sound much like a right to me.

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"Sorry, being forced to "tolerate" someone is, for me, functionally indistinct from being forced to approve of them."

Well, then you don't know the definition of "tolerate".

If you approve of something, then you cannot tolerate it because tolerance implies disapproval. It's part of the definition.

tolerate: allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something that one does not necessarily like or agree with without interference

It's not our fault that you can't read a dictionary, or refuse to accept the meanings of words. Look inward.

I think the person you were responding to knows the actual dictionary definition of tolerance but many liberals who are rabid supporters of the gay community seem to be confusing the word tolerance and acceptance or affirmation. They are quick to call anyone who is not affirming gays as intolerant. I tolerate their existence in society but I do not support specific rights for gays. Their human rights should suffice.

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It means you identify as the same gender you were born with. "I'm a man who was born a man and thinks I'm a man" or "I'm a woman who was born a woman and thinks I'm a woman" as opposed to "I'm a woman who was born a woman and thinks I'm a man" or vice-versa.

When I was growing up, there was no term for that other than "normal". When what you describe is the norm, there is no need for a new term because it is assumed that you are that unless if you specify otherwise.

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No insult intended (seriously) but you were pretty much the only one who thought that.

IIRC there was a joke in the first Michael Bay's Transforms movie along those lines.

I think part of the reason is that it sounds kind of like Japanese and Finnish and Japanese are kind of in the same language group. Not saying there are kissing cousins like the romance languages, but as languages go they seem to be orphans which share a common great grandparent.

Sorry, but Finnish is part of the Uralic group and Finnic subdivision while Japanese is part of the Altaic language family and Japonic subdivision.

Comment: Re:The problem isn't color of one's skin... (Score 1) 514

by aristotle-dude (#47569573) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step's the content of one's culture.

If Jesse wants more people with his skin color in the tech industry, he needs to get more of them into the proper culture.

A thug mentality, and victimhood culture, does not succeed. A culture focused on academics, hard work, and personal responsibility does.

Precisely right. I am proud of my niece's accomplishments. She took control of her life and decided to start making healthy life choices.

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Very few phones work on both CDMA2000 networks (Verizon and Sprint) and GSM networks (AT&T and T-Mobile), and they're hard to find in U.S. stores. Mail order doesn't let you hold the phone and get a feel for its size, weight, screen, and buttons before you buy.

What decade are you living in? Most recent phones have been either phones that work on both AT&T and T-mobile or LTE phones with multiple bands which would work on multiple networks. It is only the retarded Verizon specific phone that are designed to work on their bastardized version of the 700 Mhz band that have less utility on other LTE networks.

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