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by aristotle-dude (#47575063) Attached to: Nokia Buys a Chunk of Panasonic

No insult intended (seriously) but you were pretty much the only one who thought that.

IIRC there was a joke in the first Michael Bay's Transforms movie along those lines.

I think part of the reason is that it sounds kind of like Japanese and Finnish and Japanese are kind of in the same language group. Not saying there are kissing cousins like the romance languages, but as languages go they seem to be orphans which share a common great grandparent.

Sorry, but Finnish is part of the Uralic group and Finnic subdivision while Japanese is part of the Altaic language family and Japonic subdivision.

Comment: Re:The problem isn't color of one's skin... (Score 1) 477

by aristotle-dude (#47569573) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step's the content of one's culture.

If Jesse wants more people with his skin color in the tech industry, he needs to get more of them into the proper culture.

A thug mentality, and victimhood culture, does not succeed. A culture focused on academics, hard work, and personal responsibility does.

Precisely right. I am proud of my niece's accomplishments. She took control of her life and decided to start making healthy life choices.

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Very few phones work on both CDMA2000 networks (Verizon and Sprint) and GSM networks (AT&T and T-Mobile), and they're hard to find in U.S. stores. Mail order doesn't let you hold the phone and get a feel for its size, weight, screen, and buttons before you buy.

What decade are you living in? Most recent phones have been either phones that work on both AT&T and T-mobile or LTE phones with multiple bands which would work on multiple networks. It is only the retarded Verizon specific phone that are designed to work on their bastardized version of the 700 Mhz band that have less utility on other LTE networks.

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They are broken down by college graduates. The article breaks it out into other factors. Fact is., give same experiences and degree, some people are treated differently due to the shade of their skin.

You claim to be a college graduate and yet you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. The parent is pointing out that there is a difference with regard to cultural background between African Americans who trace their lineage back to the slave trade in America and those who come from the Caribbean or even recent immigrants from various African nations. Africa is a continent, not a country. The same goes for Europe. We Europeans are not a large homogeneous group with the same culture and attitudes.

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Are you saying that wealthy people who do not want to have kids are morally obligated to have them anyway?

Perhaps they should have to pay a special tax if they choose to not have children in order to fund the hospitals and other infrastructure needed to support their life later in life. Insurance does not cover building the hospitals.

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The planet is overpopulated.

No, the third world is overpopulated. Unless if you live in the third world, I don't see a problem here.

While it is OK to have kids that you can raise, it is just as ok (and serves the greater good) to abstain from having children.

How about telling that to the people in the third world popping out kids faster than they can feed them? Can't they stop having too many kids for the greater good?

Cultural institutions that deride people for remaining childless are completely misguided.

People in rich countries who think that an ever shrinking skilling workforce from low birth rates will somehow be able to support the ageing population are completely misguided when they think not having kids will have any affect on the overall picture of population and that there are no negative economic effects for remaining childless. Tell me, who is going to look after you when you get old? Who is going to pay the taxes to support your services such as doctors and hospitals?

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I never carry any cash on me and even pay 10 [euro] cent (roughly equaling a dime) purchases with plastic. And I'm certainly not the only one amongst my friends. Cash is clumsy, dirty and so last century. That's Finland for you.

You pay 10 euro cent transactions with plastic? Do you like stealing money from merchants because that is what you are doing when you consider merchant fees prick? I hope you are not a finn because you don't seem to have any sisu. Are you a recent immigrant to Finland?

Honestly, you should be taken out back and beaten if you actually use plastic to pay for small purchases prick.

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Cash isn't anonymous. Every time you spend cash it eventually gets scanned and the numbers sent to the government. You take cash from the bank, scan. The gas station deposits that money, scan. You might have paid a hooker with it, and then she bought cash- but if they can trace all the other money from the gas station to tourists then it's more likely it was you buying gas.

Uh, you take the hundred dollar bill from the bank teller, then you buy something with it and get change with smaller bills and so on. Notice how your original withdrawal gets lost in the noise?

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You let your child travel to the convenience store without adult supervision, without even a phone just in case? You child abuser, you.

Fucking NAZI. When I was growing up, all the kids wandered the neighbourhood without adult supervision until dusk and we turned out just fine. We also walked to the neighbourhood corner store for candy. Namby-pamby fascists like you are what is ruining society. We did not have cell phones either.

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You're still perfectly able to not use cash, but why do you insist that the rest of us follow along?

because it's impractical for some to take cash, so I am "forced" to use cash for some transactions.

You might like to be sodomized by the man but let the rest of live free. Do you want to be the bitch of big brother or something?

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Garbage bag filled streets, the smell of garbage, stupid bridge tolls just to get to Manhattan from the airport and rude people. Visiting NYC once was enough for me for a long time. Attention New Yorkers and New York bureaucrats, you are destroying your local economy with your idiotic short sightedness. Nobody wants to visit your city if you are going to make it a horrible experience.

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Yes, it does include a freedom "from" religion clause. If you take the time to learn anything about the framers of the Constitution, you'll know that they were dead-set against allowing anything invoking divine authority to creep into the system of law and government which they were creating. Not all of them, but most, and that wisdom, thankfully, carried the day.

What language exactly are you writing in? It appears to be english but you appear to not understand english. I quote the first amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Where in that set of phrases do you see a freedom "from" religion? It enshrines the principle that the "government" can neither establish a state church or prevent the free exercise of any religion. It does nothing to protect atheists from having to live around non-atheists. You have to make that choice yourself and move elsewhere if you don't like your neighbours. It binds the government to prevent them from interfering and it does not grant you any rights as a citizen to lord over others who choose to practice a religion.

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