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Comment Re: Right to travel...? (Score 1) 264

Yeah, that nasty Obama. He created DHS and the TSA and all these lists...

Oh, wait. He didn't do that. Bush did that.

Doesn't mean I think it's right because I don't. I do think you don't know what you're talking about though.

So let me get this straight, you are blaming a president who has not been in power for almost two terms? Are you saying that while Bush was capable of creating those agencies, Obama was powerless to change anything for the better?

Comment Re:Where have I heard this before... (Score 1) 312

What are you talking about? So you are now blaming god for the actions of man?

Well, He created us in his image, didn't he? So yeah, it's on Him.

You atheists are hilarious.

I'm not an atheist.

The devil destroyed our relationship with god and each other.

Yes, by eating an apple and having sex. What a childish and limited view of God you have. Big Voice In The Sky who will destroy His relationship with you if you happen to do what He created you to do. That's what you get for basing your entire understanding of God on second and third-hand sources.

The irony of your statements are delicious. The manuscripts of the new testament are close enough to the generation of people who would have witnessed the events that we should conclude that the first copies were written down within a decade or two from those events either by the witnesses themselves or by a scribe transcribing their testimonies. We also have the epistle letters to the churches written by the apostles themselves to congregations around asia minor. Name any other faith where manuscripts exist from within a century of the events described let alone decades. The epistle letters again where written within a decade of the start of the church.

The reason why I say the irony is delicious is that you seem to have missed the fundamental theme of the bible where we are called to approach god as his children. That requires you to not approach god like this "Hi God, this is George here and I think I have most of my stuff under control myself and I just need a favour from you....". God is not our butler, our next door neighbour we borrow garden tool from or anything else like that. The fact that we can approach god as his children is a gift of grace.

The bible account does not specifically call the fruit out as an apple and sex in the garden is something that you have interpreted. The account seems to indicate that they suddenly became aware of their nakedness and covered themselves not that they jumped each others bones. They were hiding from God when he came into the garden looking for them. They were in a state of shock.

You see, they had lost their innocence and they realized that they broke the one rule that god had given them and that brought them shame. That act of broken trust caused a rift between man and god that god himself had to come down to fix.

I think you need to go back and reread the bible. It is a story about the creator trying to have a relationship with his creation like a father tries to have a relationship with his prodigal son.

The story of the prodigal son illustrates how God feels about us.

Comment Re:Pedophiles also (Score 2) 312

Bible allows men to marry female children, including via force.

Deuteronomy ch 22, v 28-29, hebrew.

Ofcourse the cunt politician would be for the chips and against the pedos.

This culture needs to be overthrown.

What crack are you smoking? It says that if a man sleeps with a virgin and they are found out, he has to pay the family reparations, marry her and never divorce her. That implies that he is not only has to pay money as penalty but loses the right to refuse marriage to her and the right to divorce her at at later time.

I don't think you understand the context of that scenario. Men were allowed to divorce their wives and women had few rights in that society. A divorced woman was extremely vulnerable economically.

That guy is held accountable for that woman/girl for the rest of his life. They did not have a welfare state back then.

Comment Re:Where have I heard this before... (Score 1) 312

To be honest, if the Devil does it and God doesn't, I rather side with The Devil. But that is just a personal preference (that will be downvoted by people who disagree with how I think.)

This is a good point. If you've read your Bible, you see that God does a lot more horrible things to people than the Devil does.

There is good reason to wonder about the other side of the story.

What are you talking about? So you are now blaming god for the actions of man?

You atheists are hilarious. The devil destroyed our relationship with god and each other.

Comment Re:This appears to be bogus (Score 1) 121

My attempt to get myself censored or banned was unsuccessful:

At work so I am not going to follow your link but I have noticed a double standard if you identify as a democrat, leftist or a member of the LGBT community. They allow those people to say a bunch of hateful bigoted things about Jews and Christians. Every report, no matter how blatant, receives a "we found that it does not violate the community standards blah blah blah". But if I were to call a gay person a coward for hiding behind a fake community page to attack christians on christian stories, I get banned for several days. Just for calling them a coward for abusing the system. You see, you cannot block individual accounts from appearing even in comments on other people's stories but not "community" accounts.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 2, Informative) 255

And then Chrome turned around and finished Firefox.

Chrome didn't kill Firefix. Mozilla's UX team killed Firefox.

Don't forget the LGBT mafia who chased out one of the founders because he donated a small amount on his own money on his own time several years ago for a cause they disagreed with.

Comment Re:The patent troll and their lawyers should be.. (Score 1) 93

Drawn and quartered. Look up the definition. It is a long and drawn out process for execution.

It's almost as if you don't actually know anything that particular punishment.

Hint: There's a third element to it.

It is almost as if you cannot read at all and you are merely a variation of the Eliza program. The hint for you should have been where I stated "look up the definition" and where I said it is a long and drawn out process for execution.

From memory, you are first hung until nearly dead, disembowelled while alive, castrated and them made to watch as they burn your testicles and entrails before you. Next, your body is cut into quarters and finally beheaded. Often they would place the four quarters of your body and your head on stakes in a prominent location of the town with a sign stating your crimes as a warning to others who might consider committing a similar crime.

Comment Re:100 million quest to waste 100 million (Score 1) 208

The circumstances for life are pretty darned unique here on Earth

Got me laughing out loud right there.

Do you have proof otherwise. Sorry but Scifi show episodes or rantings of people with Greek last names and funny hair on the History channel do not count as proof.

The moon is a planet just like the Earth, only it is even deader.