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Comment Re:Canada has already rejected it (Score 1) 278

The outgoing Communist Party of Canada (CPC) made the deal AFTER the election writ was dropped.

The incoming NDP and Liberals have already announced they will walk away from the TPP.

Dead trade deal.

By the way, this will cost the US 500,000 jobs. Are you sure it's "such a good deal"?

You mean Conservative party as it real fiscal conservatism instead of that Republican crap you have in the US. The NDP are communists and the Liberals are socialist.

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score -1, Troll) 309

Not at all. The goal of free software is that users should have freedom.

Try to get this through your thick Asperger head. Most users are not developer and have zero interest in source code.

End users care about the following:
1. Usability.
2. Stability.
3. Frequent updates to their software.

Until the Aspies in FOSS realize what I user is, their software will be shunned by the majority of users.

End users do not give a crap about your philosophy or your ego. What they care about is good software.

If you are developing an open standard, the polite thing to do would be to provide a BSD licensed reference implementation because your goal should be to promote your format and not your egos or infect other software with your license.

Comment Re: Preventing communication is evil. (Score 2) 90

That's why we Republicans invent languages all the time: because we're evil. We want you to lose your ability to communicate so nobody will heed your pleas for help. As you starve to death, watching your loved ones suffer without even some words of comfort, we will gloat from our Tower of Neo Babel, mocking your plight. Because we hate you and that's the way of our kind.

I am pretty sure politically correct "New Speak" is an invention of the left to dumb down the public and make it impossible to express yourself clearly. For example "Xe, xir" and other bullshit.

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 1, Insightful) 406

President Obama took a page out of the Clinton Playbook by making the Republican agenda his own.

  • Capturing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan? Checked.

Sorry but what did Obama do to accomplish that? Was the capture not based on an ongoing operation started during the bush administration? I think the credit should go to the CIA analysis and Seal team 6 and not the sitting president.

Comment Re:That's OK (Score 1) 85

in 29 days we're tossing Harper and his religious doomsday-cult Luddites into the dumpster of history.

I hope.

So you are going to replace Harper with either an angry socialist or someone who sucks up to anti-semetic muslim extremists?

Why don't you go back to making lattes for your customers barrista?

The NDP is a full member socialists international along with various communist parties around the world.

Justin Trudeau cannot answer hard questions from reporters. He recently had an on air meltdown while being interviewed by CTV on the east coast.

Comment Re:Just wait for UltraHD streaming. (Score 1) 280

I disagree. I recall hearing that an UltraHD stream of decent quality requires 20-50Mbps. Netflix is already offering a pilot UltraHD service, but the specifically require that you have 100Mbps connection.

So I personally think, one way or another the geekdom and nerddom will move onto 100Mbps broadband eventually. At the same time, I fail to see a genuine "must have" application for the gigabit broadband in most homes.

I have 4k Netflix. You only need a 20Mbps or faster dedicated service. I have watch both 4k Netflix and and UltraFlix movie rentals on my 25Mbps (26Mbps actual) connection. It helps to be near the downtown core network office and have fibre to the building.

Comment Re:Some comments (Score 1) 591

Why don't you READ about the actual causes, of which there are multiple causes/factor instead of spouting off nonsense to drive your agenda?

Not sure what you are trying to say. By far most scientists in the field agree that we have Anthropogenic Global Warming, like most scientists support evolution over creationism. Some (but mostly not scientists in the field) are still clinging to alternate possible explanations for global warming (like for evolution vs creationism). The Wikipedia link doesn't really say otherwise, but Wikipedia is a really bad source for hot topics like this, where we know there is significant activism and paid spin.

Not sure who you are trying to argue with but I think you are twisting the fact that various scientists theorize that human activity has an impact on the climate but we are not the biggest factor. We could not stop an ice age or warming trend no matter how hard we tried short of using nukes.

Comment Re:Some comments (Score 1) 591

if we're gonna ask permission to teach about scientific topics that people may not 'believe' in, then we need to begin asking permission to teach any science at all.

It's science. Belief isn't required. Quite the opposite.

But you want us to believe in the idea that humans are the main cause of climate change?

He's dead, Jim.