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Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 2) 148

Wrong. Galactic rotation curves do not match with what is predicted by Newton or Einstein. The outer stars are orbiting much too fast. You either explain it with hidden matter, or you explain it by modifying gravity. The the fact in this case is the anomalous rotation rates. I suggest you need to look again into what 'actual' scientists do, because what they don't do is ignore interesting observations.

Or perhaps scientists don't have a clue how gravity works on a large scale.

Comment Nerds, focus on your life here. (Score 0) 284

I voted "never" because I am realistic. I see a lot of people "worrying" about hypothetical extinction level events. You cannot live in fear of "what if" situations or worry about things that you, as an individual have no control over.

I wasted far too much time living in fear. Here is what you need to concern yourself with. Am I a good friend? Am I a good neighbour? Am a good child toward my parents? Am I a good sibling? Am I a good colleague? Am I a good spouse? Am I a good significant other?

How you live and how you treat others in your life is what matters most over everything including how much money you have or your other accomplishments.

I realized that I had wasted so much of my life accumulating wealth and things instead of friendships and relationship. I also wasted time worrying about things too much both inside and outside of my life and not enough on building relationships to be stronger and more meaningful.

If you are still young, stop with this worrying bullshit and get out there and live life to the fullest. Stop giving a shit about this science crap if you are not a scientist. It is a waste of time to spend your time on an obsession like that. Get out and socialize because you only have one life and it is short.

Comment Re:And what for CS homework? (Score 1) 337

These products [iPad and MacBook] should remain separate.

Where does this leave a high school student who has received an iPad as a gift only to discover that it's not suitable for the programming homework that her computer science teacher has assigned?

If they do not understand the difference between a laptop OS and desktop OS then I might question why they are in the Computer Science program in the first place. Your example is an non sequitur. Nobody in their right mind would try to use an iPad for programming homework.

Comment Re:Programming is not a language (Score 1) 281

Get your head out of your arse. Programming is not strictly a science.

It sure as hell isn't a liberal art. And you can't treat it like a language used to communicate with people. You don't get your head out of your ass and distinguish clearly between to, too, two, Two, TWO, etc., and you are a shitty programmer. If you write about a car's breaks, or braking a dish, a human can figure out what you actually mean inside that besotted head, but a compiler cannot.

Yes, I must be a shitty programmer. Are you familiar with NER or Coreference Resolution? Named Entity Recognition is a subset of natural language processing. Software like SIRI uses various methodologies like Corefrence resolution to determine who or what you are talking about or what subject is inferred by your question based on past questions.

I am focused more on complex event processing to detect patterns of behaviour but I am also familiar with entity resolution and I leverage that as well to detect behaviour across multiple entities that might not at first glance appear to be exactly the same entity.

Comment Re:Programming is not a language (Score 1) 281

seeks to analogise coding skills with language skills to make the subject of computer science less forbidding and opaque

Good luck with that. Programming is about logic, not language.

How do you explain a logic problem to someone else? With language. Get your head out of your arse. Programming is not strictly a science.

Comment Re:The Register (Score 2, Insightful) 330

> The Reg is shamelessly used to push these views.

Exacty. That is why proposed laws against challenging settled science are so important. The scientists have already voted.

Voting creates truth? Scientists lie all the time when someone pays them enough money. They are all whores but their honour varies in price.

Comment Re:Canada has already rejected it (Score 1) 278

The outgoing Communist Party of Canada (CPC) made the deal AFTER the election writ was dropped.

The incoming NDP and Liberals have already announced they will walk away from the TPP.

Dead trade deal.

By the way, this will cost the US 500,000 jobs. Are you sure it's "such a good deal"?

You mean Conservative party as it real fiscal conservatism instead of that Republican crap you have in the US. The NDP are communists and the Liberals are socialist.

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score -1, Troll) 311

Not at all. The goal of free software is that users should have freedom.

Try to get this through your thick Asperger head. Most users are not developer and have zero interest in source code.

End users care about the following:
1. Usability.
2. Stability.
3. Frequent updates to their software.

Until the Aspies in FOSS realize what I user is, their software will be shunned by the majority of users.

End users do not give a crap about your philosophy or your ego. What they care about is good software.

If you are developing an open standard, the polite thing to do would be to provide a BSD licensed reference implementation because your goal should be to promote your format and not your egos or infect other software with your license.

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