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Comment: Re:The downside is taxpayers... (Score 4, Insightful) 283 283

Spoken like a true Anonymous Coward.

Internet access is nearly as important as electricity in our modern age. I'd place it as more important than phones. A phone can call a friend... the internet shows you the world.

If you feel that way, volunteer your own money. You seem to be a spendthrift when it comes to using other people's money.

Comment: Re:Gonna call bullshit on this (Score 1) 132 132

It just took me 4.2 s to copy a 30 MB file on my bogged-down work computer, with an HDD running Windows 7.

I'm not buying it.

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. The previous poster was talking about a tonne of little files. Even deleting a tonne of little files takes a long time for some reason even with a direct delete skipping the recyle bin.

Comment: Re:Bah! Media! (Score 0) 173 173

So, what exactly do they mean by "breach". Someone got into some systems? Once there, did they take copies of data? That's a lot of data. Why didn't anyone see the mass exodus of gigabytes? The weasel worded breathless media reports are just dripping with a lack of specificity and reek of "omg phear the evil hackerz!" - they feel more designed to generate fear than inform. I view the whole thing with a jaundiced, skeptical eye.

The mass exodus of gigabytes? You do know that copying/extracting data does not result the removal of the original bytes? The sci-fi movies where copying something removes the original automatically must have confused you. Are you talking about bandwidth traffic? Use the correct words.

Comment: Is it stealing if I watch US netflix while in US? (Score 2) 408 408

Apparently she does not understand how netflix works. If I travel to the US, I can only watch US content while visiting there without using a VPN to pretend to be in Canada even though I have a Canadian Netflix account. If I travel to the UK, I can only watch UK netflix and so on.

Comment: Get up to speed on NoSQL databases and C# (Score 1) 271 271

Serious, you need to gain some skill in Object oriented programming. One key skill would be understanding the ins and outs of reflection. With reflection, you can write code that can handle virtually an class type you can throw at it. I am also in my early 40's but I made sure to learn Object Oriented programming first in Visual Fox Pro and then some Java code and finally the .NET framework during my 30's.

If you need to write a series of different CSV formats with specific field names and some hardcoded values, consider using reflection to write a custom writer class that you can pass in a format map class and the data class into. The data class should have all data you want to expose stored in public properties if you are using .NET. If you are writing to XML, just create a class with a property hierarchy to match your data structure including the hierarchy and use the builtin XMLserializer. Be careful if you plan on outputting to a string first as strings are Unicode (UTF-16) whereas XML is usually UTF-8. You might have to extend the Stringwriter class with an Encoding parameter.

I hope someone finds these tips useful.

Comment: Re:Finally figured out who the Holy Ghost is (Score 1) 866 866

My girlfriend and I were wondering who exactly the Holy Ghost is. I mean, it's not God, and not his son Jesus, so who the fuck is it? I decided it was God's imaginary friend.

I feel sorry for you. May god have mercy on your soul. You should not blaspheme the holy spirit. I hope for your sake that you are an atheist because if you are not then you just doomed yourself.

Comment: Re:*Grabs a bowl of popcorn* (Score 1) 385 385

Geniuses who talk about their genius rather than their accomplishments are not really geniuses, as intelligence without application is pointless.

Then again, how could one self-assess the difference between being so smart that people can't follow what they're saying v/s being a really bad communicator who isn't really smart? Compound that with American society, in particular, where everyone's told that they're a winner even if they're not...

Are you aware that some people cannot "talk" about their accomplishments because of where they work?

Comment: Re:*Grabs a bowl of popcorn* (Score -1, Troll) 385 385

Well now, this should end up a wonderful thread full of angsty "geniuses" whining about how they can totally identify with the Termites because no one "gets" them.

When you point a finger at someone, you have the remainder pointing back at you. Take a long look in the mirror buddy.

Comment: Re:So (Score 3, Insightful) 193 193

Polyester leisure suits. Paul Williams. "Song of the South". Asbestos. Smoking. Thalidomide. As it has always been, and as it will always be.

What's wrong with Song of the South? Are you one of this lilly livered liberals who like to ignore and whitewash the past so that nobody can learn from it?

"Any excuse will serve a tyrant." -- Aesop