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Comment Re:Already duplicated in hardware (Score 1) 123

Evolution will "make use" of anything it can, even and perhaps especially factors that no intelligent designer would ever consider.

Related: What intelligent designer would situate a pleasure/reproduction area through a waste disposal zone?

If there was an intelligent designer, he either had a weird sense of humor or didn't feel like putting in too much effort into his job.... Oh dear lord, God is Wally!

Do you need to speak with someone about the birds and bees? You seem to be a bit confused. Waste would be solid waste whereas urine mostly sterile if no infection is present.

The genital area in humans would be in the front for both sexes. Waste is handled in the back.

Comment Re:Not on Android without Google Play (Score 1) 92

My point is that Microsoft Office for Android with Google Play doesn't bring us any closer to Microsoft Office for desktop Linux.

Admittedly, Linux and Android have differences but I would assume that if they have ported Office functionality over to both iOS and Android, they have put in work to make their code more portable.

I am sure it will take some effort to port their UI code to yet another UI framework on desktop linux but at least some of the groundwork is there already.

Comment Re:Not on Android without Google Play (Score 1) 92

They already have a port of office for Android which is based on linux.

Office is not ported to Android. It is ported to Android with Google Play. There's a difference.

I looked at Microsoft's publisher page on Amazon Appstore. OneNote and OneDrive were listed, but not Word. I searched briefly but could not find a legit copy of Microsoft Word for Android outside Google Play Store. And the only way to get a legit copy of Google Play Store is on a device that ships with it. This leaves users of Replicant, Fire OS, and other operating systems based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) without access.

Now most desktop and laptop PCs running Linux run GNU/Linux with X11, not Android. Android is more common on tablets and phones. In theory, it would be possible to compile AOSP for x86 or x86-64 run it alongside GNU on top of Linux. But you wouldn't be able to install Word because it wouldn't have Google Play Store.

Sorry but do you have a point here? You are complaining about the lack of Office on a proprietary version of Android on the Fire devices or "open source" fork of Android? Neither of those are stock Android. If you want a stock Android experience get a Nexus device from Google but the vast majority of Android phones and tablets ship with Google Play.

Android is fundamentally being developed by Google so what is your point exactly? Do you expect Red Hat Packages to work on some obscure Linux distro?

Comment Re: Sad to see Kerry... (Score 0) 339

funny thing that... if no-one has guns, they're pretty hard to steal.

Funny that, in the UK they banned guns and yet the criminals still had no problem acquiring them from outside sources. It is even more useless when a city or state tries to ban guns. In no place that has "banned" guns is there a lack of guns for criminals.

Comment Too many people self-diagnosing themselves (Score 2) 165

Listen, I used to think that I had asperger too but what really I suffered from was a lack of self confidence and a form of social anxiety disorder. I did not trust myself and my feelings about other people or other people.

Here is what you should do. Get off your arse, start eating right and exercising and find a way to make new friends in the "real world". For me, that was by going to church and becoming involved in the Alpha course. Through that course, I learned more about the faith, met some great new people and I was able to completely surrender the portion of my life that should be a source of strength but was the source of my hurt and weakness to God. He removed my fear and replaced it with a spirit (holy spirit) of boldness.

After years of bullying by schoolmates, my alcoholic father and other things, my psyche was pretty much shredded. I needed to surrender that last part of my life that I was holding back from god which was my relationships and hopes for relationships.

After I did that, my social anxiety went away, I made friend after friend and I might even end up finding a soulmate now. I went from a wallflower who hardly knew anyone at my church after attending for years to someone who worked the room going from table to table greeting people I had met at a retreat at a recent party.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 2) 171

Wrong. Galactic rotation curves do not match with what is predicted by Newton or Einstein. The outer stars are orbiting much too fast. You either explain it with hidden matter, or you explain it by modifying gravity. The the fact in this case is the anomalous rotation rates. I suggest you need to look again into what 'actual' scientists do, because what they don't do is ignore interesting observations.

Or perhaps scientists don't have a clue how gravity works on a large scale.

Comment Nerds, focus on your life here. (Score 0) 285

I voted "never" because I am realistic. I see a lot of people "worrying" about hypothetical extinction level events. You cannot live in fear of "what if" situations or worry about things that you, as an individual have no control over.

I wasted far too much time living in fear. Here is what you need to concern yourself with. Am I a good friend? Am I a good neighbour? Am a good child toward my parents? Am I a good sibling? Am I a good colleague? Am I a good spouse? Am I a good significant other?

How you live and how you treat others in your life is what matters most over everything including how much money you have or your other accomplishments.

I realized that I had wasted so much of my life accumulating wealth and things instead of friendships and relationship. I also wasted time worrying about things too much both inside and outside of my life and not enough on building relationships to be stronger and more meaningful.

If you are still young, stop with this worrying bullshit and get out there and live life to the fullest. Stop giving a shit about this science crap if you are not a scientist. It is a waste of time to spend your time on an obsession like that. Get out and socialize because you only have one life and it is short.

Comment Re:And what for CS homework? (Score 1) 337

These products [iPad and MacBook] should remain separate.

Where does this leave a high school student who has received an iPad as a gift only to discover that it's not suitable for the programming homework that her computer science teacher has assigned?

If they do not understand the difference between a laptop OS and desktop OS then I might question why they are in the Computer Science program in the first place. Your example is an non sequitur. Nobody in their right mind would try to use an iPad for programming homework.

Comment Re:Programming is not a language (Score 1) 281

Get your head out of your arse. Programming is not strictly a science.

It sure as hell isn't a liberal art. And you can't treat it like a language used to communicate with people. You don't get your head out of your ass and distinguish clearly between to, too, two, Two, TWO, etc., and you are a shitty programmer. If you write about a car's breaks, or braking a dish, a human can figure out what you actually mean inside that besotted head, but a compiler cannot.

Yes, I must be a shitty programmer. Are you familiar with NER or Coreference Resolution? Named Entity Recognition is a subset of natural language processing. Software like SIRI uses various methodologies like Corefrence resolution to determine who or what you are talking about or what subject is inferred by your question based on past questions.

I am focused more on complex event processing to detect patterns of behaviour but I am also familiar with entity resolution and I leverage that as well to detect behaviour across multiple entities that might not at first glance appear to be exactly the same entity.

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