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Comment Re:Um... (Score 2, Informative) 255

And then Chrome turned around and finished Firefox.

Chrome didn't kill Firefix. Mozilla's UX team killed Firefox.

Don't forget the LGBT mafia who chased out one of the founders because he donated a small amount on his own money on his own time several years ago for a cause they disagreed with.

Comment Re:The patent troll and their lawyers should be.. (Score 1) 93

Drawn and quartered. Look up the definition. It is a long and drawn out process for execution.

It's almost as if you don't actually know anything that particular punishment.

Hint: There's a third element to it.

It is almost as if you cannot read at all and you are merely a variation of the Eliza program. The hint for you should have been where I stated "look up the definition" and where I said it is a long and drawn out process for execution.

From memory, you are first hung until nearly dead, disembowelled while alive, castrated and them made to watch as they burn your testicles and entrails before you. Next, your body is cut into quarters and finally beheaded. Often they would place the four quarters of your body and your head on stakes in a prominent location of the town with a sign stating your crimes as a warning to others who might consider committing a similar crime.

Comment Re:100 million quest to waste 100 million (Score 1) 208

The circumstances for life are pretty darned unique here on Earth

Got me laughing out loud right there.

Do you have proof otherwise. Sorry but Scifi show episodes or rantings of people with Greek last names and funny hair on the History channel do not count as proof.

Comment Re:What's Cash? (Score 1) 294

I live in Canada and I use debit for EVERYTHING. I will debit a purchase of less than a dollar, seriously.

So you are the arsehole causing inflation in prices of small items in Canada? Grow up. What do you think adults did before debit cards? They carried cash.

There is no service charge to use it and this way I don't have to have a pile of change in my pocket.

You might not be paying for it directly but all of us end up paying more because the vendor is charged a fee by the card processor you dick. If you are using debit for transactions of less than 10 dollars at a mom and pop shop then you deserve to be mugged and beaten by the local thugs. Losers like you think only about yourself and not other consumers or the shop owners.

It is much easiest to keep track of my purchases as they are all on my online statement. I never carry cash. I use my credit card only for online purchases.

I recently went to the states and I noticed so many people still using cash. However, the bigger surprise was how many people used credit cards to pay for everything! (a beer at the pub, put it on credit) No wonder their financial system was in ruin back in 2008. I used my CC while in the states for the most part to avoid carrying cash. I noticed that they don't use the chip / pin. I was never asked to input my pin for my CC once while in the states. I found this odd. This has been standard in Canada for a few years now.

Loser. You need to carry cash for emergencies. What if there is a market crash? What if there is a power outage? What if the debit system goes down?

Comment Re:US (Score 1) 294

My wife just got her Capital One "Chip+Signature" card. Last month my Santander (MA) debit card was replaced for another magstripe only debit card, Exp. 2019 Some banks are not catching up..

Chip and signature? Is that an American thing? Here in Canada, we went from Swipe and signature to Chip and PIN years ago. The only time our system required a signature with the chip was for the first use.

Comment Re:and? (Score 2, Insightful) 294

I personally almost never carry cash any more, the only time I really use cash is when out drinking or going to a really tiny corner shop/off licence where they still charge extra to pay by card. I use an oyster card for my public transport (or my debit card if I'm out of credit), and pay for most my small purchases using contact less, I can pay for parking by phone, and I still have a debit and credit card for anything bigger.

Why would I pay for any high value goods in cash, when I can put it on my credit card, get chargeback protection and still not pay any interest on it?

You are proud of being dependent on the system? If there is a a power outage or if the debit system goes down, good luck getting anything without cash.

I recall being at a movie theatre lining up to purchase tickets for a popular title when the debit system went down in the area. Fortunately, I had cash so I was able to get into the theatre and see the film while all of the "winners" with only debit and credit cards got to go home.

Do not bother calling yourself an adult if you do not carry around enough cash in case of an emergency or just simply to pay for really small purchases.

Comment Re:Sounds like a good deal! (Score 1) 337

Full disclaimer: I'm Australian. Spoiler: It's a trap! More?: We're like America (well, our government tries to be, at every opportunity), only without your wonderful constitutional freedoms!

Have you been under a rock? Free Speech zones? 135k fines for refusing bake a cake and a gag order to not speak about it and how the ruling violates, separation of church and state, the "congress shall pass no law preventing free exercise of religion" and freedom of speech?

The bakery in question had sold numerous cakes to gay people including that "couple" in the past but refused to create a specific cake as a matter of conscience.

Comment Re:The downside is taxpayers... (Score 4, Insightful) 283

Spoken like a true Anonymous Coward.

Internet access is nearly as important as electricity in our modern age. I'd place it as more important than phones. A phone can call a friend... the internet shows you the world.

If you feel that way, volunteer your own money. You seem to be a spendthrift when it comes to using other people's money.

Comment Re:Gonna call bullshit on this (Score 1) 132

It just took me 4.2 s to copy a 30 MB file on my bogged-down work computer, with an HDD running Windows 7.

I'm not buying it.

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit. The previous poster was talking about a tonne of little files. Even deleting a tonne of little files takes a long time for some reason even with a direct delete skipping the recyle bin.

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