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Comment Not a solution (Score 1) 60

Give me balloon, satellite or drone, and let my pay you directly. Right now all I have is 1M down, 300k up, for about US$30 a month. The problem is: about 90% of my city has at leas 10M down for cheaper. But since I live in a poor community there is no "need" to poll the last 1KM of cables, to build something for the demand. Who cares about a few hundred people with low income? Build cell towers? Again, why? To.. give internet for the poor? Who cares?? My hope was project baloon, or anything that I could pay for someone OUTSIDE brazil. Any in loco solution is bullshit, wont work in the real world.

Comment Re:Using Windows 7 until 2020 (Score 2) 272

Windows 7 works fine and fits my needs, Windows 10 does not. Why switch? So far, the only reason Microsoft has proffered for me to switch is that it makes life easier for Microsoft. Sorry, but there has to be a better reason than that.

Better CMD, better snipping tool, cortana can be usefull sometimes, autocorrect on start (type nopepad and enter), multiple desktop. That on top of the few things that Windows 8 did right. Too little, but why not?

Comment Re:Support IEX9 on XP (Score 1) 458

The new system on a major "4 letters" Microsoft OEM partner that I work for will work only on IE 6 or 7, and have (third party) developer support only for XP machines. So yes, I could go as far as IE7, but let's be real, all the current systems already works better on IE6. Having both versions would be great indeed, but I don't think this will ever be an option.

Comment Re:To Err is Human--to Persist is Microsoft? (Score 1) 842

The only problem is that real consumers don't want any kind of linux. And they don't care or know about the 3 programs limitations. When I sell any PC with starter I just say "and it comes with windows" - one out of 10 (maybe) asks or know anything about versions. I'm sure in the USA would be diferent, but the first part still tru: who want linux, besides we?

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