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Comment: Re: Satellite not needed (Score 2) 115

by arielCo (#48649057) Attached to: Cuba Says the Internet Now a Priority

I find it quite believable, seeing how the Venezuelan govt simply issues orders to all ISPs to block the IP ranges of sites that make them uncomfortable; a famous victim is, a site that tracks the black market currency exchange rate and now publishes unflattering news and opinion. I'd include a few traceroutes but I'm posting from my phone. Even was blocked for more than a year (haven't checked recently) because a list of URLs with leaked emails wad posted there.

Comment: Re:The best gift? (Score 1) 113

by arielCo (#48587447) Attached to: 2014 Geek Gift Guide

I hovered over a few links (including some at Amazon) and there's no referrer ID. Since he doesn't send you to his personal blog either (remember Ronald Piquepaille?), it's not even clickbait.

I agree that most of his content is too fluffy, and I usually stop reading way before the middle.

Comment: Re:I smell something ... (Score 2) 153

by arielCo (#48578805) Attached to: "Fat-Burning Pill" Inches Closer To Reality

Whenever something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't. I'll put some cash on this being in the Ig-Nobles in a year or two.

Since you like truisms, here's another: conventional wisdom is not at all.

Back to 'Eat less and exercise', everyone. That's probably safer, anyhow.

Depends. If you're so overweight that you risk joint damage or increased wear, or a heart attack from overexertion, a pill to give you a leg-up is a godsend.
  Plus, not everybody will lose weight just eating "less" and working out; I know because I'm insulin resistant with a bum thyroid to boot; diet and exercise are only part of the solution.

Comment: Re: Entrapment is lazy policing (Score 1) 388

by arielCo (#48549433) Attached to: Man Caught Trying To Sell Plans For New Aircraft Carrier

All three want the info as end users, although for different reasons. ISIL would love to reenact the USS Cole bombing, China is in desperate need of new tech for their catch up efforts (though I doubt mechanical drawings will provide that), and for Russia it's just common sense strategically.

Comment: Re: What in the hell was he thinking? (Score 2) 388

by arielCo (#48540409) Attached to: Man Caught Trying To Sell Plans For New Aircraft Carrier

Last few words in my comment:

... to buy the info presumably to trade it to Russia or China for a profit or favors.

In other words, Omar al-Kebab may have no interest in bombing the new boat, but ISIS sure might, and China would love to do a bit of the old catch-up, and the Russians definitely see the strategic value. So Omar will pay nicely, hoping to make a profit.

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