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World of Goo Ported To Linux 223

Posted by Soulskill
from the good-for-goo dept.
christian.einfeldt writes "Lovers of both games and Free Open Source Software will be pleased to see that the popular indie puzzle game World of Goo has been released for Linux. It was designed by a small team of two ex-Electronic Arts developers, Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, who used their entire combined savings of $10,000.00 USD to create the gooey game aimed at guiding goo balls to salvation. The developers built their gooey world with open-source technologies such as Simple DirectMedia Layer, Open Dynamics Engine for physics simulation, and TinyXML for configuration and animation files. Subversion and Mantis Bug Tracker were used for work coordination. Blogger Ken Starks points out that the release of this popular game for Linux could be a big step toward ending the chicken-and-egg problem of a dearth of good games that run natively under Linux."
The Internet

+ - Earthquake disconnects much of Asia from Net

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Have a client in Thailand who's offline for all practical purposes. Cannot get even simple e-mail messages thru. I thought the Internet was supposed to self correct for issues like this . Maybe it's time to run some more undersea fiber or find some other alternatives.


Internet slowdown to be a pain for at least three weeks
Taiwan quake cripples Thai Internet

BANGKOK: — Telecommunications across Asia have been severely disrupted because
of damage to undersea cables caused by Tuesday's earthquake near Taiwan.

Banks and businesses in Taiwan, South Korea, China and Japan reported telephone
and internet problems.

In Thailand, Internet access slowed to a crawl, with up to 90 per cent of e-mail
and web access impossible. There was no word from CAT Telecom, the government
monopoly which supplies all Internet service to Thailand.

Taiwan's largest telephone company, Chunghwa Telecom Co, said damage to an
undersea cable had disrupted 98% of Taiwan's communications with Malaysia,
Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Repairs could take three weeks, Vice-General Manager Lin Jen-hung said, but
quality would improve daily.

Telecommunications companies in Hong Kong, Japan and China also reported
problems. China's biggest telecoms provider, China Telecommunications Group, said that
communications cables to the US and to Europe had been damaged.

Repairing the cables harmed by Tuesday's 6.7-magnitude quake could take three
weeks but "quality will improve day by day," said Lin Jen-hung, vice general
manager of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Taiwan's largest phone company.

The company said damage to a cable off Taiwan's southern coast has interrupted
98 percent of Taiwan's communications capacity with Malaysia, Singapore,
Thailand and Hong Kong.

The damaged lines knocked out Internet service for some Hong Kong customers, who
were unable to access Web sites in parts of Asia and the U.S.

Hong Kong telephone company PCCW Ltd., which also provides Internet service,
said several undersea data cables were damaged in the quake.

"Data traffic to Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the United States are affected," PCCW
said in a statement.

The company also warned customers that they may experience congestion for
several days on the Internet because of an upsurge in use as people surf the Web
for more information about the quake.

Financial traders in Hong Kong _ one of Asia's biggest business capitals _
complained they lost their connection to Bloomberg LP, a key provider of news
and data about stock markets. Bloomberg declined to immediately comment on the

Internet access has been cut or has become extremely slow in Beijing, said an
official from China Netcom, China's No. 2 phone company.

The official, who would not give his name, said the cause was thought to be the
earthquake, but he had not further details.

Businesses in various parts of the city also said they were experiencing
Internet access problems.

CCTV, the state-run television network, said the earthquake had damaged undersea
communications cables from China to the United States and from Asia to Europe.

It said China Telecom Corp., China's biggest phone company, was contacting
counterparts in the United States and Europe about using satellites to make up
for the shortfall.

KDDI Corp., Japan's major carrier for international calls, said Thursday that
its fixed-line telephone service has been intermittently affected following the

KDDI spokesman Haruhiko Maeda said that the quake damaged several undersea
communication cables in southern Taiwan shared among international communication

He said that customers are having trouble making calls to India and the Middle
East, which are usually routed through cables near Taiwan. Maeda said the
company is rerouting calls to go through the U.S. and Europe and the company
does not know how long it will take to repair the cables.

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said that international
roaming service provided by Japan's major three telecommunications _ NTT DoCoMO,
KDDI, and Softbank, has been affected. Ministry official Akira Yamanaka said
that some customers were unable to make calls using their mobile phones in
countries including Taiwan.

The quake, which hit offshore from the town of Hengchun near Taiwan's southern
tip, came on the second anniversary of the tsunami that killed more than 200,000
lives in southern Asia.

Tuesday's quake was felt throughout Taiwan. It shook buildings and knocked
objects off the shelves in the capital, Taipei, in the northern part of the
island. Two members of one family were killed Tuesday in Hengchun when their
four-story home collapsed. The quake injured 42 people, three homes collapsed
and 12 fires broke out, the National Fire Agency said.

— Bangkok Post 2006-12-27

ADMIN NOTE: is NOT experiencing any outage, as we have asked the Thai ISP's to
optimize routing connections to our servers. servers are hosted
direct on the main high-speed internet backbone in Singapore.

During the current Internet problems, readers in Thailand can access the Bangkok
Post website more quickly and efficiently by using the Thailand-based server at: instead of

The Nation is hosted in Thailand, and is accessable at as usual."
User Journal

Journal: Funerals suck

Journal by aridhol

I was a part of my first military funeral today. As a member of the funeral escort, I was part of the funeral service and the burial ceremony, but not the repatriation.

From what I saw, the most emotional moment was when the flag was given to his mother. She looked to be holding herself together until that moment, but that appeared to be the moment of finality; she held the last bit of her son - his uniform hat, signifying his life in the navy; and his flag, signifying his final rest.

User Journal

Journal: A Mariner's Remembrance

Journal by aridhol
My school did a mariner's remembrance ceremony today, in honour of those sailors who died during the wars. This poem was read during the ceremony.

On all the oceans whitecaps flow,
they have no crosses row on row,
but they who sleep beneath the sea,
sleep in peace, for our country is free.
Your duty with courage met,
we bow in grateful memory,
we will remember them,
we will remember them.

User Journal

Journal: Funeral and Posting

Journal by aridhol
Recently, a Canadian sailor died in the Bahamas. I was in the honour guard when he graduated from my school last year. This weekend, I will be in his honour guard again, this time as he is laid to rest.

On a brighter note, I just got my posting message. I'm going back home to Victoria in February :)

User Journal

Journal: Indeed I Is 6

Journal by aridhol
For those who haven't had the opportunity of passing up a drink of Newfoundland, I heartily recommend you do so. Pass it up, that is.

But now, indeed, I is a screecher, from a ceremony that goes something like this:

User Journal

Journal: From Kandahar 3

Journal by aridhol
This is from For anyone who wonders what makes military members volunteer to return.

It has been 2 month and 2 days since I deployed to Afghanistan, with 8 Platoon, Charles Company, 1 RCR. I was honored, as a reservist augmentee, to be attached to such a great group of probably the best soldiers our country has to offer.

User Journal

Journal: NaNoWriMo countdown

Journal by aridhol
Today is my last day of putting off writing. In just under eleven hours, NaNoWriMo starts. I have a general storyline mapped in my mind, as well as a few specific scenes. But until midnight tonight, nothing's actually written out.

If you're bored and want to monitor my progress, I'm Lacqui there.

User Journal

Journal: Why is it? 4

Journal by aridhol
I can hang out with a mixed group with no problem. I have no issues being the only guy in a group of girls even in potentially awkward situations. Even being along with a girl (just as friends) holds no fear for me.

So why is it that, with a specific girl for whom all of the above applies, we make plans to go to a movie and my heart starts skipping beats and I get all light-headed?

User Journal

Journal: Single 2

Journal by aridhol
After a series of text messages today, I'm single.

As I mentioned before, it's been rocky. Well, after two weeks of being ignored, not being called back, and generally avoided, I sent her a message pretty much saying wtf? She responded telling me to leave her alone. Then we exchanged messages discussing how and when we'll return each others' stuff.

User Journal

Journal: Redundancy

Journal by aridhol
A little after 10 last night, all two-way communications in St. John's, NL went down. We still had radio and TV, but we didn't have telephones or internet. This includes such trivialities as 911 emergency calls.

The cause of failure? A single wire.

Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition.