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User Journal

aridhol's Journal: Uncle Aridhol 6

Journal by aridhol

Well, I haven't been spending much time around these parts, but I just got some news from home that I had to share.

As of 3:40 this morning, I'm an uncle. 9 pounds, 1 ounce, 22 inches. Stuart Jeremy. Stuart for my brother, Jeremy for my sister-in-law's father.

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Uncle Aridhol

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  • How's life treating you these days?
    • by aridhol (112307)

      Can't complain, if I do nobody listens :P

      I'm at the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School in Halifax, working on my equipment phase. Which basically means we spend a couple days learning how various pieces of equipment work, then we leave the room to let the instructor break it, and go figure out what he did. I'm here until July, then I should be going to a ship from there.

  • If it were a girl, you'd have been an aunt.

    (If you say it fast enough and with a straight face, it takes people a second or two for it to "click")

    • by aridhol (112307)
      My parents, when they first told me my sister-in-law was pregnant, told me that they weren't going to find out the gender, so I'd have to wait until the baby was born to learn if I was an uncle or an aunt.

      Yes, it usually takes a second or two for someone to click in on that.

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