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Comment Of course... (Score 3, Insightful) 284

...the point is her fundamental dishonesty, disregard for the rules that apply to 'little people', and flippant mendacity when it came to being confronted on the subject.

Of course, flagrant violation of security rules like this would get you or me thrown in prison.

As much as the Republican presidential contest is a clown car, the Democrats have perhaps an even more difficult choice: goofy or sleazy, pick one.

I did finally hear a good reason to vote for Trump, for once:

Comment Baby steps (Score 2) 310

I'd be happy to have a car "automated enough" to drive by itself on the boring, shitty parts of driving where you're likely to fall asleep - dull, EASY stretches of highway. That's pretty much the 80% target the automated cars are at today. I wouldn't even mind if it drove half speed, since I could be reading/working/sleeping while sitting there.

If we wait until AI has mastered the complicated, cluttered, HARD bits of driving in cities, construction zones, neighborhoods, etc it'll never happen.

It's just a problem of having appropriate systems to awake/alert the driver before the AI disengages, and/or fallbacks like pullouts where cars can go when their driver ISN'T responding.

Comment $1 million dollars (Score 2) 227

You sound like Dr Evil, thinking $1 million is real money.

Overall spending, 2012 Presidential Election:
Dems: $964 million
Repubs $1.12 billion

Yes, when the amount you've raised is 1/1000 what EITHER candidate in 2012 spent, that is precisely a "sneezing at" amount. It's nothing.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 647

Except that one could persuasively argue that non-lethal force then VALIDATES and encourages easy escalation of force to those levels which is (likely) often unwarranted.

"I'm just going to taze him, it's not like it's going to kill him"

I truly wonder what would happen on the large scale if we took non-lethal force away from cops.
My guess is a large swath of shootings as criminals 'tested' to see what they could get away with, or didn't believe that things were now lethally dangerous again, but eventually I suspect cops would get fewer challenges.

And lest we forget, as "broken" as people perceive the US system to be, violent crimes have been steadily decreasing to their lowest levels in 30-40 years.
Exclude urban minorities, and the crime/violence rate in the rest of the US compares very reasonably with the rest of the developed world.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 2) 450

When I was in elementary school in MN, I remember it being not uncommon for the high schoolers to bring (cased) shotguns on the bus, because there was some class where they did shooting.

It was no big deal, and not one single shooting (of a person) or massacre transpired.

It's not the guns in school that are the problem.

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