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Comment: Re:Now I'm no homophobe... (Score 1) 794

by arekusu_ou (#35550314) Attached to: Apple's App Store Accepts 'Gay Cure' App

I'm open to that being a conscious choice.

Just because someone is a caffeine addict, with a biological urge to consume caffeine at 500 mg a day, doesn't mean they can't make a conscious choice not to consume caffeine at such an insane rate. It's called self control and impulse control.

Society already criticizes people on lack of impulse control for all kinds of things.

Comment: Re:Biological basis for Teh Gay? (Score 1) 794

by arekusu_ou (#35550114) Attached to: Apple's App Store Accepts 'Gay Cure' App

The birth order can also signify a social aspect to nature/nurture argument.

This does not prove causation either. We can just as easily say, a person with more older brothers are more likely to be homosexual because of their family situation.

It also said that the finger ratio for homosexual men and hetero were not significantly different. It only became significantly different when birth order came into play. This does not prove causation either.

It says it's more pronounced in female births due to hormonal abnormalities. The oppositions of LGT can argue that hormonal abnormalities can be fixed.

Also this suggests that prenatal androgen may influence sexual orientation in both sexes.
1. Emphasizes on the may. They're guessing, and they're researching it. It has not been conclusive yet.
2. Research saying it's prenatal androgen influencing both sexes, kind of goes against the theory that it's prenatal testosterone causing homosexual guys and prenatal estrogen causing homosexual girls. If they want to combine the theory, that's all and good.

I'm still not convinced and anyone who claims to be convinced by "mays" and "early research" are simply believing what they want to and looking for any hint of evidence to support them and running with it. Same behavior on both side of the debate.

Comment: Re:What's the goal of it? (Score 1) 688

by arekusu_ou (#35546884) Attached to: UN Intervention Begins In Libya regarding why I don't trust either side about what happened to the cease fire. Could have just as easily been the rebels.

And as the West imposing their will. It's the West's thought that dictatorship is wrong. Not everyone opposes to not being in a democratically elected country. It's the West's will that everyone must have democratic elected government. Not everyone in Libya is backing the rebels, or it would be going more along the lines of Egypt.

Open rebellion doesn't mean they're right. Lots of countries have open rebellion and civil wars. It's not the place of outsiders with no vested interest to interfere. This is a civil war and the West will regret AGAIN with interfering with another country, time and time again.

My best example is how much Al quada loves the US after the US went into their country and armed Al quada.

Comment: Re:What's the goal of it? (Score 1) 688

by arekusu_ou (#35546816) Attached to: UN Intervention Begins In Libya

No I don't trust this Ghaddaffi, but if there are ties to terrorism, than I feel it's vindicated with the Westerns constant encroachment into the Middle East's sovereignty. The US 'armed' the al-Qaeda they are fighting now. The US has seeded unrest and discourse in the Middle East for generations. If they fight back, it's out of necessity against a larger force and they fight back the only way they can, striking at civilians till the civilians stop their own military.

I also don't trust the rebel forces. If I was the rebel, and I wanted to push for a fight. And the other side called a ceasefire. I would break the ceasefire and blame the "tyrant" and keep the fight going. The rebels aren't to be trusted either.

Comment: Re:Does that include building a time machine? (Score 1) 688

by arekusu_ou (#35546786) Attached to: UN Intervention Begins In Libya

Ghaddafi still has more loyalist. But why should he let his own loyalist die when he can hire mercenaries to defend them against insurgents.

My comment on some military was a comparison with Egypt's military support and the fewer that is neither helping the rebels nor staying on Ghaddafi's side.

And I'm from Massachusetts and sick and tired of the Westerners imposing their will upon the Middle East at the expense of our own people.

Comment: Re:Now I'm no homophobe... (Score 1) 794

by arekusu_ou (#35546448) Attached to: Apple's App Store Accepts 'Gay Cure' App

Depends what the KKK app does. If the KKK app spouts nonsense about white supremacy and why they should not be minority-sympathizers, then yeah, I'd say to allow it, because it's their right as expressed by the society.

There are things out there that claim why men or women are inferior, and I think they have a right too exist too.

And I think anti-semantic taglines should be admissible as well.

Reparative therapy is a tool, and like any tool can be harmful or helpful. Reparative therapy techniques have been used in legitimate physiological therapy.

Visualization? Social Skills Training? Therapy? Interventions?

The big thing that comes to mind is all the effort dumped into the Autistic.

It's all a matter of perspective.

I have yet to see any credible research make a solid determination as to homosexuality being biological. The hormone difference is contradictory to itself. And there have been no evidence like evolution's evidence.
And in light of that, and even despite any future credible research, people should still have their right to their bigoted views. They should only be restricted on their actions that act upon others.

You have your right to say those things too, and I agree with your view that they are "sexist, egotistical, hypocritical bigots". But this isn't about the greater fight of LGT, this is about their right to an app.

Comment: Re:Not related in the least... (Score 1) 688

by arekusu_ou (#35546312) Attached to: UN Intervention Begins In Libya

It's not a popular democratic uprising.

Egypt was a popular democratic uprising and they didn't need the Western help.

This is a minority rebel uprising. And won't succeed without Western help. And the longer the fighting, the more the causality. It makes sense for the standing sovereign to use any means possible to end the fighting as fast as possible.

See the difference?

When some people discover the truth, they just can't understand why everybody isn't eager to hear it.