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by ardmhacha (#45491471) Attached to: 22-Year-Old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen Is the New World Chess Champion

And editor Soulskill made some useful edits to my submission as well, adding links to the individual games and changing my "(+3 -0 =7)" results to a more understandable (to non chess players) "(3 wins, 0 losses, 7 draws)"

+ - 22 year old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is the new World Chess Champion

Submitted by ardmhacha
ardmhacha (192482) writes "Magnus Carlsen was able to force a draw in the 10th game of the World Chess Chamionship to claim the title with a 6.5 — 3.5 win (+3 -0 =7) over Viswanathan Anand.
Carlsen became the youngest ever World No. 1 in 2010 but withdrew from the 2012 championship cycle and so has only now been able to add the World Champion title to his No 1 ranking.

He won three games and lost none, his first two victories came when he was able to convert small advantages in the end game into wins. The third (in game 9) came after an Anand blunder."

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by ardmhacha (#45090649) Attached to: Cost of $634 Million — So Far

This figure is not just for building a website.

It is for all spending with CGI Federal over the time that they have been doing business with the Federal government, including payments from fiscal years before Obamacare was even passed.

The figure is now being regurgitated by various right wing websites without anything that even passes for thinking.

And also now slashdot, which is disappointing.

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