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Comment "move to" vs "go to" (Score 4, Insightful) 683

The New York Times article has the title "Let’s Not Move to Mars" and is basically a rant about how we won't be living on Mars anytime soon (if ever). Changing the title for the Slashdot article to "Let's Not Go To Mars" implies that the author is suggesting we don't even try to land a person on Mars which is not really the point of the original article.

I think we should try to have an unmanned mission return to earth from Mars before we attempt to have a manned mission go to Mars.

Comment Re: On the matter of smartphones (Score 1) 359

To make a smart phone mostly secure all you need to do it switch off all networking features, WiFi, Bluetooth, phone signal etc.

Of course at that point it really isn't a smart phone anymore as a huge part of the usefulness of a smart phone is how you use it to connect with the rest of the world.

Comment mathematically equivalent ? (Score 4, Insightful) 89

Now, a physicist has shown that on a large scale, the tunneling motion of atoms through the lattice is mathematically equivalent to the motion of atoms in a quantum field in a flat spacetime.

mathematically equivalent ?

So they haven't created curved spacetime in a Quantum Optics Lab. They have done something that is a model of how they think curved space time would behave.

We warn the reader in advance that the proof presented here depends on a clever but highly unmotivated trick. -- Howard Anton, "Elementary Linear Algebra"