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Comment: Re:You Have Stolen From Your Bandmates & the R (Score 1) 672 672

by ardin,mcallister (#27081811) Attached to: Lars Ulrich Pirates His Own Album
10$ a month for not-unlimited and only 100day retention? wtf
I use powerusenet and i only pay 15$ a month for unlimited transfer, damn good speeds (max my connection at 2.5MB/s (20Mbps)), and 200 day retention. I gave my referrer link, but could always just take off the referrer info on the end of the url.

on topic: Lars Ulrich - what a complete douchebag. Hes the one who started all this lawsuit business for pirates.. seriously, what a cockknocker.

iTunes DRM-Free Files Contain Personal Info 693 693

Posted by kdawson
from the musical-steganography dept.
r2k writes "Apple's iTunes Plus files are DRM-free, but sharing the files on P2P networks may be an extremely bad idea. A report published by CNet highlights the fact that the account information and email address of the iTunes account holder is hidden inside each and every DRM-free download. I checked, and I found I couldn't access the information using an ID3 tag editor, but using Notepad I found my email address stored inside the audio file itself."

IRS Looking at Google/Mozilla Relationship 261 261

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the can't-imagine-why dept.
ric482 writes "With the release of the Mozilla Foundation's 2007 financial report, questions have been raised by the IRS, who are due to perform an audit on the non-profit organization behind the massively popular Firefox browser. Last year, the Foundation received $66 million of its total $75 million revenue (88 percent) from search engine maestros Google, so the IRS are looking for blood over the organization's tax exempt status. Back in 2006, Mozilla got $59.5 million from Google — around 85 percent of the organization's revenue. Google and Mozilla are part of a 'you scratch my back, I'll pay your bills' sort of agreement, with the Google search bar firmly placed in the toolbar, and on the default homepage. Things were a bit rocky a couple of months back when Google unveiled the Beta-run of its Chrome browser, but Mozilla and Google hugged it out and sealed a deal that will last for another three years. That deal will expire in November 2011."

Comment: Re:Sarcasm (Score 1) 402 402

by ardin,mcallister (#25669971) Attached to: Craigslist Agrees With State AGs To Curb "Erotic Services" Ads
ACTUALLY, both are correct.
The bit was off of the dvd Doin' It Again, and the album was Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics. It went "selling is legal, fucking is legal. why isn't selling fucking legal? why should it be illegal to sell something thats perfectly legal to give away?" The wording should be almost perfect. i could look it up if you'd like. Mod offtopic i'm sure for me!

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