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Comment Re:You Have Stolen From Your Bandmates & the R (Score 1) 672 672

10$ a month for not-unlimited and only 100day retention? wtf
I use powerusenet and i only pay 15$ a month for unlimited transfer, damn good speeds (max my connection at 2.5MB/s (20Mbps)), and 200 day retention. I gave my referrer link, but could always just take off the referrer info on the end of the url.

on topic: Lars Ulrich - what a complete douchebag. Hes the one who started all this lawsuit business for pirates.. seriously, what a cockknocker.

Submission + - Famous music torrent tracker shut down->

alexhard writes: "The Northeastern Echo reports that OiNK, one of the biggest private torrent trackers, has been shut down. The home of a 24-year-old IT worker was raided in Grange Road, Middlesbrough, and the website's server, which was based in Amsterdam, was also closed down by Dutch police."
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