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Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows 322

Posted by samzenpus
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Deathspawner writes A lot of people have never been able to understand the logic behind Microsoft's Windows RT, with many urging the company to kill it off so that it can focus on more important products, like the mainline Windows. Well, this is probably not going to come as a huge surprise, especially in light of mass layoffs announced last week, but Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that his company will be working to combine all Windows versions into a unified release by next year.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Best Valentine Day Gift from Nerds?->

Submitted by retroworks
retroworks (652802) writes " is increasingly setting itself apart from the 1970s B-Movie-Mad-Magazine days, with some interesting online writing and a huge following on Facebook. Today, Cracked posted an article on the top ten "geek" gifts for Valentines Day, going to tired old staples like "one ring to rule them all" and a "chunk of gallium". Ok, I'd dig the gallium. But can Slashdot suggest another valentines day gift besides "non-BETA" /.? (The answer may be "NO")"
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+ - Why Open Source Projects Can't Compete With Commercial Products->

Submitted by archmcd
archmcd (1789532) writes "Claire from takes a look at two puzzling UI design decisions from two separate OSS projects and explores why the developers' egos prevent them from competing with more responsive commercial products that actively solicit and consider the feedback from their user base. Pidgin back in 2006 decided to abolish the manually resizable input box, and Firefox more recently changed the behavior of the quit function in its OS X version, puzzlingly in a way inconsistent with its behavior in other modern operating systems."
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Comment: Come stand trial. (Score 0, Flamebait) 315

by archmcd (#46062643) Attached to: Russia Plans To Extend Edward Snowden's Asylum
It's BS that Snowden is unwilling to come back to the US to stand trial. I'm sure there are plenty of great lawyers who would work pro bono to take his landmark case, and if he was willing to fight, he might be able to affect more change to the government spying program and achieve the goals he set out to reach.

Comment: Re:©anoni©al won't work, they're still F (Score 1) 121

by archmcd (#42947427) Attached to: Canonical Announcing Ubuntu Tablet Tomorrow?
There's a lot of Unity hate going on, and I admit, when it first launched it was an utter failure. You couldn't resize the icon bar, it was missing a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts, searching for a program didn't allow you to directly launch with the keyboard and it was otherwise just generally unusable. I decided to give it another shot recently, however, and it's come a long way, even matured into a fully usable and efficient UI. I can auto-hide the iconbar, resize it, and the search box is fantastic! If you press the "Windows" key, it opens up the search interface. You don't even have to type the name of the app you want, just start typing what you want to do! For instance, if I type in "gam" brings up Steam, Minecraft and ScummVM. If I hit enter, the first item in the search results will launch. Then I discovered the new keyboard shortcuts. Hold down the Windows key and a keyboard shortcut cheatsheet will appear, and they are incredibly useful. I am now a fan of Unity.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Where do you draw the line on GPL v2 derived works and fees?-> 12

Submitted by Shifuimam
Shifuimam (768966) writes "I downloaded a DOSBox port for Android recently to get back into all the games of my childhood. Turns out that the only free distribution available hasn't been updated in nearly two years, so I looked for alternatives.

There are two on Google Play — DOSBox Turbo and "DOSBot". Both charge a fee — DOSBox Turbo is $3.99; DOSBot is $0.99. The developer of DOSBot says on his Google Play entry that he will not release the source code of his application because it's not GPL, even though it's derived from source released under GPL v2 — this is definitely a violation of the license. The developer of DOSBox Turbo is refusing to release the source for his application unless you pay the $3.99 to "buy" a license of it.

The same developer explicitly states that the "small" fee (although one might argue that $3.99 is pretty expensive for an OSS Android app) is to cover the cost of development. Unless I'm misreading the text of GPL v2, a fee can only be charged to cover the cost of the distribution of a program or derived work, not the cost of development. And, of course, it doesn't cost the developer anything for someone to log in to Google Play and download their app. In fact, from what I can tell, there's a one-time $25 fee to register for Google Checkout, after which releasing apps is free.

Where do you draw the line on this? What do you do in this kind of situation?"

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Comment: Re:Probably, but watch out for the Audit. (Score 1) 157

by archmcd (#41830965) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is TSA's PreCheck System Easy To Game?
Let's be realistic. Fake boarding passes aren't a threat to the TSA. The only purpose to the TSA of checking your boarding pass before entering the security checkpoint is to keep from unnecessarily screening people who aren't flying. It keeps your mother from cluttering up the naked-scanner for everyone else who's flying if she just wants to kiss you before you fly away. If someone prints a fake boarding pass to get past the TSA, they still won't be able to get on the flight. They're going to be able to buy a Maxim at Hudson News and an 8 hour old sandwich and nothing more. And even if they are able to board the flight, they won't have a seat assigned so they run the risk of being caught by a flight attendant before takeoff and getting arrested. No, someone who poses a real terror threat won't present a fake boarding pass to the TSA because that could blow their whole plot if they get caught with it before takeoff. I find it hilarious when suddenly everyone on Slashdot becomes a security expert.

+ - Apple Upholds Sexist Termination-> 2

Submitted by archmcd
archmcd (1789532) writes "Is Apple a progressive new-technology company, or are they entrenched in the same discrimination practices that plague many Fortune 500 companies of old? An otherwise successful Apple Genius relates the story of her termination, appeal and subsequent affirmation of her failure to be a member of the correct gender. From the article:

In the end, I was fired from a supposedly liberal, pro-employee, open-minded corporation because an all-male team couldn'(TM)t deal with an intelligent, outspoken woman working with them. I was fired by a supervisor who was going out of his way to find reason to fire me, and who was investigated by HR for that very behavior. I was fired for being unwilling and unable to continue to tolerate hostile, antagonistic behavior from my coworkers.

Have other Slashdot readers experienced similar problems from progressive new-technology corporations?"
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+ - 68% of iPhone Apps Collect Unique Device ID->

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An anonymous reader writes "It looks like iPhone users are not immune to the types of data leaks recently discovered on the Android platform. Researchers looked at the top free applications available from the App Store and discovered that "68% of these applications were transmitting UDIDs to servers under the application vendor’s control each time the application is launched." The iPhone's Unique Device ID, or UDID, cannot be changed, nor can it's transmission be disabled by the user. The full paper is here."
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