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Comment Pretty much everything (Score 4, Insightful) 220

USB's been the connector of choice for most of my peripherals. It replaced the floppy drive connector for portable media. It replaced dedicated connectors for keyboards, mice, tablets and the like. My headsets are almost always USB, whether they're wired or wireless. Webcams. The only things I don't use it for are primary networking (hardwired Ethernet there), non-portable mass storage (hard drives and optical drives), and video. Sometimes I still use the PS/2 keyboard connector for non-Windows UEFI systems where a USB keyboard won't get initialized during POST. It's fast enough, there's typically more than enough connectors (especially with a hub for non-latency-sensitive devices), and it's almost universally present and usable.

Comment Re:Not too hard (Score 1) 67

The EMV chips have been compromised for years. Typically it only takes a couple of weeks to break the latest version. The reason chip-and-PIN sounds so good is the European rules changes that accompanied it: if the transaction was done using chip-and-PIN then it's presumed valid and it's up to the cardholder to prove otherwise which is extremely difficult short of having absolute undeniable proof that you were physically at a different location at the time of the transaction (eg. timestamped video showing you at that other location at that time). So if the EMV chip in your card is compromised and cloned, the fraudulent transactions run up on the fake card are presumed not fraudulent and attempts to dispute them as fraudulent will be denied absent you having extraordinary proof. That skews the fraud statistics considerably.

The reason European cardholders don't raise a fuss about this is that 95+% of card fraud these days is done online using card-not-present transactions where chip-and-PIN isn't a factor. That won't change whether the US adopts chipped cards or not.

Comment Not too hard (Score 3, Insightful) 67

This isn't exactly an amazing product. The way Amex generates replacement card numbers is utterly trivial, the hardest part of it's calculating the new check digit. There's really no excuse for that kind of triviality, a replacement card should have a complete new number unrelated to the old one.

Comment Re:anti-business liberal scoring points (Score 0) 345

My answer to this is very simple actually, if there is no business case to go to Mars I don't want any government stealing money from people to go to Mars because at that point it is all it is: theft.

Eventually a business case for Mars may become real and then businesses will find a way to get there. Today it is likely not the case at all that there is any sort of ROI on going to Mars except for raising spirits of those, who want to see it happen.

Well, if the people who WANT to see it happen actually PAY for it by BUYING bonds that would pay for it, then a private business can do it without government! That's because a private business can print bonds that can be sold (tentatively) to people and if enough money is raised then actually collect the money and start building.

To do it otherwise is to steal, but that's nothing new, that's what all governments always do.

Comment linux based POS (Score 0) 93

One of the benefits and reasons why we build Linux based systems for retail chain management, store management, supply chain management, e-commerce and such is ability to secure against these types of attacks better. Beyond that we came up with a new way of protecting credit card information by tying it to the location of the user's phone, but we are not a nominal 'fintech' and those guys are too hard to approach (for now at least).

Comment Full-time permanent is required (Score 5, Informative) 169

Having been on the permanent-staff team dealing with contract workers, I can't see permanent staff ever being replaced by "gig" developers. A lot of things depend on having not just skill in programming but familiarity with the business and prior decisions about the system's design and architecture. You can hire short-term people for specific tasks, but you need people who've been there long-term to work out how to fit new requirements into the system as it exists. Then there's maintenance. Bugs that make it into production tend to be obscure and hard to trace, and someone new who isn't intimately familiar with how things fit together's going to be completely lost trying to troubleshoot a bug that's not in any component but in the interaction between 3 different components (or worse, a bug caused by all 3 components being absolutely correct and bug-free but that particular account's so old it has a combination of settings on it that isn't currently legal and that the documentation doesn't mention).

The permanent staff won't be the cheapest in absolute terms, but they'll be the cheapest in terms of dollars spent for results produced. This isn't a guess, it's a prediction based on the outcome of the vast majority of attempts to replace permanent development teams with contract workers and consulting firms.

Comment Re:It will never go anywhere. (Score 0) 27

Well, not all companies do that, some base their business model around personal security, for example numbered bank accounts are designed on purpose not to let authorities (or anybody) know who is the owner if the account. Bearer certificates have the same purpose actually, they are like cash in that regard.

Now, governments fight against such very important individual freedoms of-course. Governments destroy personal freedoms much more than any company ever could.

Comment Re:What the fuck is with the snark (Score 0) 118

Fucking piece of shit collectivists like you is the problem in America, why don't YOU go somewhere more socialist, more collectivist already? There are PLENTY of those place, vast MAJORITY of this planet is to your liking. USA is supposed to be individualistic, anti-collectivist, anti-socialist, anti-government, anarchist even. Anarcho-capitalism, true freedom, libertarianism, objectivism are the principles that the USA is SUPPOSED to be based on and instead USA is now just another collectivist half fascist half socialist failed State specifically because of complete piece of shit asswipes like you, who want to turn every piece of land on this planet into a collectivist nightmare that free individuals are horrified at.

Do everybody a favour and leave, go to France, go to Japan, go to Italy, go to Spain, go to Brazil, go to Australia FFS, go to whatever. If pieces of shit, collectivist socialist fascist garbage like you left the country that is supposed to be anti-establishment, anti-collectivism, anti-socialism, anti-Marxism then you would get exactly what you desire and the country would return to its roots, what it is supposed to be - a country that fought a war against a king over taxation. A country where people used to come to not for welfare or Big Brother state but for freedom. Freedom FROM THE COLLECTIVE, Freedom FROM THE GOVERNMENT, Freedom FROM THE OPPRESSION.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 0) 291

You forgot something. A Manhattan DA is going after a California based company that manufactures in China and has assets around the world on the premise that the terrorist attacks in France could have been stopped somehow because:

French police found an unencrypted, unlocked phone in a trash bin outside the Bataclan concert hall in Paris that contained a text sent in the clear: âoeOn est parti on commence.â (âoeLetâ(TM)s go, weâ(TM)re startingâ).

You see, now not only encryption will be banned by governments but also the following combination of words: On est parti on commence. and its equivalents in other languages.

I, however, suspect that the above message could have been sent in a multitude of different ways that the Manhattan DA also needs to attempt banning. For example I can see how the following string can be used with the same result:
* let's do it
* do it now
* the time is now
* we are doing it
* starting it
* time 0
* the chicken is in the pot
* blah habl blah kk erq[][]

Once the Manhattan DA is done banning the above, then we will all be safe.

Comment Makes sense (Score 2) 91

G+ has always had little of the Facebook-style indiscriminate "let the world see everything" of most social media, users have focused more on specific groups or communities with the conversations going on within that group and not in public view. The changes seem to make sense in focusing in on that rather than trying to be another Facebook or Twitter or SnapChat. It makes the pundits feel left out because they're outside those groups and not seeing the interactions, but that's easy enough to solve if they want to. If they don't... Not My Problem, Man.

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