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+ - Spore Creature Creator uses steganography in PNG.->

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arcanumas writes "It seems that Spore Creature Creator allows you to save images of creatures in PNG format, that you can later import and get your creature back. Ned Batchelder did some digging using Python and PIL, and discovered that Creature Creator uses steganography to embed creature data within the PNG file. According to Ned:

"These pixels are part of the black transparent edge of the image, except it isn't truly black and it isn't truly transparent. There's one bit of information being encoded in each channel, or four bits per pixel."

The article also raises some questions on why they used this method instead of tEXT records (supported by PNG), but it is a cool hack nevertheless."

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+ - Aggregating blogs in Greece could get you sued

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arcanumas writes "The administrator of, a Greek blog aggregation website had his house raided, his hard drive seized and was himself arrested by the Greek cybercrime division last week, after having been served with a libel lawsuit without prior notice, because a public figure was offended by a satirical blog that was linked to by his site. The developing story coincides with the Internet Governance Forum being hosted in Athens this week, to be attended by Internet luminaries, entrepreneurs and activists like Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn and Joi Ito and featuring panels on Openness and Freedom of Expression. There original article is Here"

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