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Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 139 139

That's cute. You think that actual benefits of GMOs mean anything to the people listening to all the FUD that gets spread about them.

And you think that hiding the foods' provenance is the way to make people stop believing the FUD? That's very interesting.

Because when someone tells me I'm not allowed to know something about a product I'm buying, it immediately endears me to the company hiding the information.

Comment Re:Or... just hear me out here... (Score 1) 990 990

You're like the fifth person to state this. Who the hell are you hunting with? I would be unhappy on General Principle (and his army of ants) and not hunt with them again. No! Even if "safe" you do not fire over my fucking head. (It is pretty safe though. I am still not okay with it.)

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 990 990

I do not have rock salt loads. If I shoot someone my goal is not to hurt them. No, that is not my goal at all. I would much rather not shoot anyone, however. Having been shot at and returned fire in an active combat zone was not something I enjoyed. I would take no pleasure in taking someone's life but, if I am shooting at someone my goal is certainly not to cause them pain.

My primary defensive weapon is just a Mark II in .22lr because I am more than comfortable firing more than once and will be willing to load an additional magazine if required. I really do not want to scare my neighbor's wife - she cleans my house. I also do not anticipate missing, life is not like movies where you dodge bullets. I am a fine shot because I practice regularly and maintain my skills.

Really though, it is like throwing rocks at an intruder. We have done so since age immemorial. Today we just throw rocks a little faster and a little more accurately.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 990 990

In many rural areas they have an exception for a gun firing shot. They are much slower and heavier rounds or much smaller rounds and do not travel as far as those fired from a rifle. Handguns, also slower and sometimes heavier, are also prohibited but that is for a different reason I suspect.

Many areas no longer have this exemption but a number still do. As a bit of a hobbyist I have looked into the laws in a variety of places where I have spent time. They do not usually advertise this exemption any more but the exemption is *maybe* still on the books.

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