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Comment They should publish these under the Vertigo label (Score 1) 130

Vertigo is full of "R" rated material. That is the only way they can do the prequel Watchmen stories in a proper way.

They do have some fantastic writers such as J. Michael Straczynski but I fear they will limit the comic to "PG" level stories. I suspect it won't be totally awful but the readers will feel it could of been so much better.

Comment Re:Netflix (Score 3, Insightful) 713

They won't use UPS if they ever want to see their discs again.

That is absolute bullshit. Mods please mark that post as troll and this one as well if need be. In my adult life (25 to 30 years) I have only had a couple problems with UPS which were always resolved by the shipping party.

I have never experienced a serious USPS problems either for that matter. The current USPS financial problem is a purely political problem that could be resolved with a bill that would change USPS money management back policy to roughly their 1990s rules and regulations.

Comment Re:Ubuntu (Score 1) 218

Not sure if it's "real" enough for you, but Ubuntu is coming to tablets.

Whether that means you'll be able to run any Linux application you like remains to be seen, but I imagine if it's Debian-based it should be quite hackable.

Ubuntu is already running on the ASUS TF101 and an idiot proof install is in early stages of development.

Comment Re:Eating it's young. (Score 1) 433

Some in the FOSS community seem to have taken a page from the Tea Party handbook.

Like or hate the tea party their strategy seems to be working. They are effectively in control of the united states government. By your standards the FOSS community should be ruling the software world instead of largely being unknown.

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