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Journal Journal: this is my favorite post so far:

Yesterday's news, now and forever... (Score:5, Funny) by rice_burners_suck (243660) on Saturday May 22, @01:04AM (#9223194) ( | Last Journal: Thursday December 04, @10:24PM) June 07, 2019 - For immediate release International Business Machines (NASDAQ: IBM) today announced a new court motion aimed at ending the lawsuit by One-Click Lawsuits - formerly SCO. The motion is aimed at ordering One-Click Lawsuits to release the details of IBM's alleged misappropriation of One-Click Lawsuits' alleged valuable intellectual property into Linux, IBM's legal..... (In other news, on the same day...) Microsoft today announced immediate availability of the Legacy Windows Compatibility Layer for the 4.8 kernel, with support for over 12 microprocessor architectures, others forthcoming. The LWCL allows enterprises completing their migration path towards Linux to retain their investment in custom code written for the legacy Windows operating systems. Microsoft's chairman and CEO, Linus Torvalds, said it feels good to have completed his purchase of 75% of what was arguably the world's most influential software company since the 1980's. He hinted at some of the more exciting changes occuring in the 4.9 development kernel, along with..... Time flies so fast, it's like picking seeds. [ Reply to This ]
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Journal Journal:

Saw the goatse picture for the first time today. Thanks, slashdot...
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Journal Journal: moving

Moving to my new place tomorrow. My room-mate Muhammad Ali found out we're ditching him. He's really laying on the guilt trip and sob story. Shoulda cleaned the bathroom more, huh?
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Journal Journal: Hello, World!

I created a slashdot account today. There's a whole world in here I never knew existed. I think I'll go exploring...

"I've seen the forgeries I've sent out." -- John F. Haugh II (jfh@rpp386.Dallas.TX.US), about forging net news articles