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by Bogtha (#47802075) Attached to: Apple Said To Team With Visa, MasterCard On iPhone Wallet

Here's the real thing (

Why is some random website I've never heard of and which is run by a single person more legitimate a source than Greenpeace?

More to the point, why haven't you read the sources I provided? Part of the point of the Greenpeace article I linked to is that Apple are making stronger pushes in this area and being more transparent. That article was published in 2014. Your article was published in 2011. So Greenpeace says that Apple are the leaders in the field and have strongly improved, and your article points out that they weren't always as good or open years ago. There's no contradiction there. All you are doing is showing that Apple have taken action and improved.

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by Bogtha (#47801079) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos

When somebody says 'the cloud', mentally replace it by 'somebody else's computer'.

Also, when somebody says "It's unclear how the images were obtained, but anonymous 4chan users said...", replace it with "It's unclear how the images were obtained."

Come on, since when are anonymous 4chan users a reliable source?

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by Bogtha (#47801023) Attached to: Apple Said To Team With Visa, MasterCard On iPhone Wallet

Supporting gay rights.

Almost everyone does that and it does not cost them a single cent.

They spent money commissioning a video celebrating gay pride.

They spent money on lawyers to petition the Californian government on Prop 8.

They donated $100K to the No to 8 campaign.

Their supplier responsibility reports have been auditing their suppliers for discrimination for years.

It is just public relations.

Again, like the other guy I responded to, you're setting up a no win situation. They don't support gay rights? They are unethical. They do support gay rights? It's just marketing.

Their CEO is widely believed to be gay and I'm sure a hell of a lot of their employees are gay as well. You're asking me to believe they aren't doing this out of principle at all? That's not the most plausible explanation here.

Enforcing worker rights in their contracts abroad.

Again, this is mainly a PR thing. People got upset (for the wrong reasons -- Apple's contract manufacturers may be bad employers by European or even American standards, but people in China appear to be happy to work for them) and Apple had to repair damage.

Nope, they actually started internal audits of their supply chain and generating public reports several years before all that happened. You can go and download them on their website and see for yourself.

Making their products environmentally friendly.

When will they be doing that?

They've been doing that for many years. Here's the info, specifically the products. Even Greenpeace are singing their praises, specifically, saying: Apple has put its money where its mouth is: Greenpeace's report, "Clicking Clean," found that the company's embrace of renewable energy is genuine, and is leading the technology sector.

Their entire product portfolio is based on planned obsolescence. They may be very proud of how much material they are saving by making critical parts as flimsy as possible, but in reality the reduced lifespan hurts the environment more than the minor savings help it.

This is just FUD. Apple hardware lasts a lot longer than the equivalent from their competitors. I've lost count of the number of laptops, PCs, and non-Apple smartphones I've seen people around me churn through while Apple users with the same needs just buy once or twice in the same time period.

Improving the privacy of their users

By storing all their personal data in a country that has effectively declared war on privacy? By secretly tracking their customers? Apple is doing the exact opposite of what you claim.

By forbidding abusive behaviour in the App Store. By removing application access to identifying information several times. By providing an alternative to third party analytics like Google Analytics that isn't driven by a market need to sell that data. By encrypting a whole bunch of things they aren't compelled to.

Apple has done many unethical things in recent years.

I won't argue with that. What I will argue with is somebody who says that their ethics are non-existent. They perform positive ethical acts on a regular basis. They clearly have ethics, even if they fail to live up to the standard you demand of them.

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...from Witnesses, (page 3 of the Police PDF Report):

Andrew McCown was the driver of a vehicle that was traveling eastbound on Mulholland Highway approximately 60 feet behind Wood's patrol vehicle when the collision occurred. He indicated he did not see Olin until he "flew into the air" after being struck by the patrol vehicle. He did not see the patrol vehicle swerve or the brake lights activate until after a collision occurred. McCown is an emergency medical technician and stopped to render aid to Olin. Olin had no pulse and had a severe injury to his head.

Ashely McCown was the passenger in that vehicle. She stated that she also noticed Olin in the bicycle lane prior to the collision.

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You're really setting up a no win situation here. If they don't perform positive ethical acts, then they are unethical. If they do, then it's just "brand management bullet points".

It's funny though, how we have two people here - one calling them unethical, and one pointing out ethical things that they have done - and you perceive this as "there's somebody here worshipping the brand". Not two people with different opinions. One person with a suspect opinion. That's an odd perception.

Also, if anybody is astroturfing, I'd lay my money on the anonymous coward and not the person with a Slashdot account that is several years old with excellent karma.

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The ones fighting are a tiny percentage of muslims though. The fact is a percentage of muslim inman are indirectly supporting the IS through sharing similar beliefs about sharia law. They may decry the tactics the IS is using. They may denouce the violence, but at the end of the day they still want Sunni Sharia law imposed and will look the other way on how to get there.

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Apparently you are still a student of the English Language. Just remember the hard coded bounds of English that say I before E except after C unless you are an efficient ancient.
Why do you think we have legalize? it is the law version of a programming language with strict structure and definitions. Worse it was written by people who hate staying in the bounds of strict structure and definitions.

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I hate apple (the corporation) because it seems their ethics are non-existent

Really? They seem to perform positive ethical acts quite regularly. Supporting gay rights. Enforcing worker rights in their contracts abroad. Making their products environmentally friendly. Improving the privacy of their users. Why do you think their ethics are non-existent?

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