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Comment: Re:This thought crosses my mind a lot. (Score 1) 808

by aquabat (#43748801) Attached to: Rice Professor Predicts Humans Out of Work In 30 Years

Hmm, fembots. I suppose the Apple model will be prettier, but much more expensive?

The real problem is that it will demand ecosystem monogamy.

As long as they come out with a new model every 12-18 months, that shouldn't be a problem.

"Fembots", Bah! They'll be hot for a couple of years, sure, but Androids are the future. Not only are they cheaper, they are much more versatile. Fembots are designed to be used in only certain specific ways, but you can do anything you want to an Android.

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by aquabat (#43501871) Attached to: FBI Releases Boston Bombing Suspect Images/Videos
That's different. You're talking about command structure; I'm talking about footsoldiers. Sure, the commanders are sharp. They have their agenda, and they give orders to achieve that agenda. (They're still heartless, but maybe they know it and have come to terms with it). However, I have trouble believing that the kids they send out to bomb random targets have thought very deeply about their own motivations for doing so. The tribe is a powerful thing.

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Ideally, I'd say choose from a variety of different cultures. One of the points of a university used to be to have a place where people could get together and discuss their ideas and opinions without getting punched in the face. The critical thinking part is the real meat of the matter for me. I'm not scared of reading the wrong books, because I know I can unpack whatever is in them and evaluate the contents in a more or less objective manner. Just pick something at random and have at it.

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Just in case you don't know it yet ...

The terrorists who hijacked the planes and then slammed them into the World Trade Center (and the Pentagon and the one which crashed in Pennsylvania) were ALL college educated

Respectfully, I think they had the wrong type of education.

I don't care how awesome an engineer you are, if you have never taken and understood a philosophy course or an ethics course, you have probably never seriously and critically examined the things you were brought up to believe, or tried to follow the reasoning of someone else's beliefs.

Hell, even a proper, proof based, mathematics course will have you identifying logical inconsistencies in various lines of reasoning by the time you take your mid-term. Other good choices are history, psychology and anthropology. Oh and definitely, absolutely, a first year literature course, where you have to learn to think critically about what you see, hear and read, then form a supported opinion, and then express it coherently, to other smart people.

Not to say that there aren't people out there that can instinctively and naturally think in both a rigorous and a compassionate manner (and I am definitely not trying to imply anything personal, Sir), but if you've ever read English papers written by first year engineers, you can probably see where I'm coming from. Most people need to be taught these kinds of things, if only to jump start their own awareness of just how diverse and wonderful the wider world really is. It's called "The Big Picture" for good reason.

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by aquabat (#43106035) Attached to: North Korea Threatens US With Preemptive Nuclear Strike

But, looking at a satellite photo of the Korean peninsula at night, I'm not sure that would amount to much of a threat.

There must be some truly incredible skies there for stargazing. I would think looking up and seeing that every night for your entire life would instill a sense of humility and scale or something.

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Landon Fuller has posted a gist on GitHub with an explanation of the bug and a binary patch to the affected library.

^this. The bug is in the assert() statement itself, not in the program logic. Assuming that input validation code exists and was already run before this point, the purpose of this assert() seems to be to make sure the validator is actually doing its job properly. However, the test in the assert() itself is incorrect, since it disallows mixed case file URLs, which are valid, according to spec. Of course, if this assert() statement is his validator, then he's doing it wrong. Big time.

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Do we want a completely desperate nuclear power? Will the people turn against the leadership, or will they vent their rage against foreigners leading to millions of deaths?

This is exactly what North Korea is trying to suggest , with all their sabre rattling. Somebody needs to say to them, "okay, I guess you should do what you think you need to do, but we're not giving you any more free food just because you might cause some shit if we don't. We have our own problems to deal with, thank you very much."

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What is Kim Jong-Un, like 25 years old? I have underwear older than that. You have to expect a certain lack of foresight from a young, inexperienced ruler whose advisors are used to dealing with the world in a paranoid fashion. The poor kid probably hasn't ever really lived in a society where he actually has to interact with people in a normal social dynamic like we are used to doing, so it's no wonder his perception of how to get along with other nations is all bent up. I pity him that lack of human connection.

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