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Open Source

+ - Porting Aquaria to the PSP->

Submitted by Apple Prophet
Apple Prophet (233330) writes "Just a few short weeks after BitBlot released the source to Aquaria as part of the Humble Indie Bundle, Andrew Church hacked up an ambitious homebrew port of the game to the PSP. He wrote a detailed synopsis of the technical challenges in an article on the Wolfire Blog and of course, contributed all of the patches back to the project so anyone with a homebrew-equipped PSP can try it out. Check out the mercurial repository for the source."
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+ - Initial WebGL support lands in WebKit->

Submitted by
appleprophet writes ""WebGL" is an upcoming standard from the Khronos Group, the same standards body behind OpenCL and OpenGL ES. It defines the use of OpenGL in websites using the standard canvas element. In other words, websites will be able to render hardware accelerated, 3D graphics natively inside of a web page. In the last week, WebKit, the rendering engine behind Safari and Google Chrome, has added initial support for WebGL, which means it probably won't be too long before Macs and iPhones everywhere get OpenGL web apps. This could have big implications for gaming. HTML5 has steadily been encroaching on desktop applications' territory, but I don't think many people expected browser-based, hardware-accelerated graphics this soon."
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PC Games (Games)

+ - Why you should support Mac OS X and Linux->

Submitted by
appleprophet writes "The independent video game Lugaru actually sold more copies on Mac OS X than it did on Windows. Here's an analysis on why supporting non-Windows platforms can actually affect sales in ways that you might not expect based on raw marketshare. Basically, don't underestimate the effect of being a big fish in a small pond, getting new opportunities from the Mac and Linux communities, and unexpected evangelists."
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