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Comment Re:Feedly looks ok (Score 4, Interesting) 287

This has been a pet peeve of mine for ages now as well. However, this particular instance is what convinced me to finally get off my ass and do what I've been meaning to do for about 2 years now:

1) New Gmail account
2) Fake Facebook account
3) Fake Twitter account
4) Use these for every sign-in thing on all the stupid websites that have a boner for social media.

These accounts will never have friends. They won't have any followers to spam. "Will you allow us to post to your feed?" 'Sure. Even I will never ever see it.' I'm happily experimenting with a couple news readers now despite their asinine requirement that I sign in or otherwise attach one of the above.

Submission + - Carmageddon 4: Reincarnation is 50K short of a Linux Port on KickStarter (

An anonymous reader writes: Stainless Games, the developers of the classic & controversial "Carmageddon" demolition-racing games of the 1990s, have been fundraising on to make Carmageddon 4: Reincarnation, a modern 2012-tech remake of the old 90s racing games, a reality for several weeks now. They overshot their original goal of raising 400,000 Dollars several days ago, and are currently at 550,000 Dollars pledged, with 32 hours remaining in the funddrive. Here's the kicker: If Stainless manage to reach the "Stretch Goal" of 600,000 Dollars pledged before time runs out, they will commit themselves to making a Linux version of Carmageddon 4: Reincarnation. For those of you itching to play good old Carmageddon again, with 2012-level gfx & physics, multiplayer over internet & LAN, and natively on Linux to boot, you have 32 hours to put your money where your gaming desires are. Lets hope Stainless Games can raise enough in the next day-and-a-half — the missing 50K — to make a Linux port of the next Carmageddon game in the series financially viable!

Submission + - Original Carmageddon Studio plans new game, DRM free Linux and Mac Versions (

An anonymous reader writes: After losing the rights to their break-out game years ago, Stainless is back with a new incarnation of Carmageddon.

Their Kickstarter campaign ends Wednesday evening, and they're a measly $50k from their stretch goal of offering DRM free Mac and Linux versions of the game. It's refreshing to see an original author scratch back their IP from a major developer and refresh their beloved franchise. Perhaps we'll see more of our old favorites rise from the dead like this as Kickstarter campaigns allow indie studios to raise the capital they need to give fans what they want.

Comment Re:If true... (Score 1) 339

I don't think high speed rail and stealth fighters are in the same category....sure, both take some serious tech, but one requires fly-by-wire, and the other doesn't need any way to maneuver. Yes, the materials science aspect of both requires some impressive technology. But there's a ton more to stealth planes than just the materials.

Comment Re:There's no such things as shortages... (Score 4, Insightful) 376

Problem was it greated more work without benefit.

Of course it did! It's a major infrastructure change! It's not like we were "upgrading the internet" to make it run faster. The entire issue was that our current addressing infrastructure was inadequate. It's like saying, "this road doesn't go to the housing development that they're building up the road - we should make it longer", then complaining that the existing drivers didn't see any benefit. Everyone on the internet right now is fine - it's everyone who's not that this will benefit. So of course it's work without benefit for those of us here now!

Comment Re:Ick (Score 1) 156

I don't ever look at my mouse, unless it's hung up on something or otherwise not working. I'm not even sure how I'd break 20 years of training on that front, much let alone why I would want to.

Apple has made some nice mice - this just seems ridiculous.

Comment Re:€ (euro) (Score 1) 868

You seem to think that here in the US we have capitalism. Unfortunately, we don't. The US lacks the political will to ensure that there is true competition in most areas. We give out quasi-monopolies to corporations, and our politicians are well rewarded for keeping those in place.

I'm in a decent sized city, and I have 2 options for broadband internet access - both pretty much the same price. I get decent cellular reception on 3 networks, all pretty much the same price. While my bank doesn't charge an ATM fee, any other bank who's ATM I use does. If I bank at one place that's head and shoulders above the others in the area, how do the others stay in business? Different government agencies use them, thus circling it all back to politics.

Comment Re:€ (euro) (Score 3, Informative) 868

The issue is that we're pretty much run by corporations now. All political decisions are weighed on whether or not they will hurt a corporate bottom line somewhere. That affects everything, including banking.

While a percentage of us vote against the politicians that continue this madness, the vast majority are swayed by the hundreds of millions/billions of dollars the corporations pour into elections to keep them as profitable as possible. Why are corporations able to pour millions to billions of dollars into elections? Damn good question. The issue is that it will take people voting in politicians who want to fix that, and that's not likely. Due to the billions corporations will pour into elections to prevent those people from getting elected.

Comment Re:€ (euro) (Score 2) 868

Bank transfers for consumers in the US will generally run in the region of $2 or 2%, whichever is more. Not sure about companies.

In the US, the 30-40 and under crowd does a lot of electronic banking. The 40+ crowd still relies on che(ck/que)s and cash. And by that I mean for both pay and to purchase things like groceries and gasoline.

The last place I worked for, probably 50% or more of the employees got a piece of paper every 2 weeks that they'd take to the bank and have turned into numbers in their account and bills in their hands. The other 50% of us took our direct deposit, got it a day earlier, and didn't spend every other friday waiting in line at the bank.

The US banking system for consumers is probably a solid 10 years behind the EU's system. It's pretty shocking. We don't have a good way to transfer money to each other - going to an ATM and getting cash, or paper cheque are the only real options.

I've got one of the better banks in the US to do business with, (large credit union) and it takes me about 8 clicks and 5 days to transfer money from my bank account to another bank. And $2 or 2%.

Comment Re:I stored them on a hard drive (Score 1) 680

I stopped even thinking about my wallpaper about 6 years ago when I realized that I never saw it, because I always have multiple things opened full screen. For the same reason I quickly found out that KDE 4 desktop widgets were worthless for me.

Hell, on login I have Thunderbird and a couple of folders open up. I don't even see my desktop then. I'm guessing I'm closer to a majority with this than a minority. Still, glad to hear you're rediscovering your past.

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