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Submission + - Dallas Buyers Club abandons fight against Australian pirates (

aphelion_rock writes: It's a happy day for Aussie pirates: The Hollywood studio behind the film Dallas Buyers Club has abandoned its fight to extract huge sums of cash from alleged copyright infringers.

Dallas Buyers Club LLC had until midday Thursday to lodge a second appeal against an August Federal Court decision which effectively prevented it from engaging in so-called "speculative invoicing" in Australia.

Comment Let your teenage kids string them along (Score 1) 157

Let the kids loose.
A computer virus, let me log into mums computer - waiting for it to boot up.... oh it has a password.
Lets try dads. gee this takes a long time to boot up. delay.. delay ... oh it has a password too.
Lets try this computer.. start button? hang on can you explain that .. oh this is a linux computer let me try my sisters...
also thought of creating a special VM and reduce resources to make it super slow
bonus points for how angry the operator is by the time they realize they have been taken for a ride.
Mysteriously, the calls stopped after the kids were given the job of dealing with them.

Comment Re:Cardboard Cars (Score 1) 75

The East German Trabant came close to this...

"...with the roof, trunk lid, hood, fenders, and doors made of Duroplast. Duroplast was a hard plastic (similar to Bakelite) made of recycled materials: cotton waste from the Soviet Union and phenol resins from the East German dye industry. This made the Trabant the first car with a body made of recycled material..."

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 1) 547

In Australia where almost all the population is migrant, the first generation of migrants club together because they don't speak the local language. The next generation are bilingual and the the following generation consider themselves to be Australian but cling onto a few traditions from their culture.
The big turning point for the Italians, Greeks, Turks who came in their numbers in the 50's and 60's was TV shows like 'Wogs out of work' , 'Acropolis Now' + movies like 'My big fat Greek wedding' where they were able to focus on the differences in the cultures and poke fun at both. I can't wait for the first Muslim / Anglo soap opera / comedy where the next generation are comparing cultures and having a bit of fun with the whole thing.
The Islamic Clerics of the Middle East have called to shots for centuries and are now under threat from the population requesting a democracy. A democracy focuses more on human rights and freedom's which would seriously de-power them and make the are more multi-religious.
They are focusing on bringing down our democracies by brainwashing their Islamic supremest goons and sending them out with the other refugees and attacking the democracy by using its weakest point, its freedoms. We must stand up and show them / educate them that democracy covers all religions equally and no one religion is more supreme than any other.
99% of the Muslims who migrate to our country do so to embrace democracy participate in education and comply with the laws of this country.
Large numbers of Muslim migrants speaking a different language has its problems but nothing that is impossible to overcome.

Comment Re:Just a laptop. (Score 1) 332

I have a bunch of Dos machines here that have the original 70 and 100 Meg seagate hard disks in them that have been running virtually non stop since 1991. The original 286 motherboards all died when the NiCd batteries leaked after a few years and were replaced with pentium 100 motherboards somewhere in the mid 90's.
These are running in a data centre and have a nice stable environment which must help.

Comment Re: Income inequality has *RISEN* under Obama?!?!? (Score 1) 729

"Everything is new under Obama. Before Obama there was no terrorism, "

9/11 was in the making from Afganistan which was pre Obama

" no debt, " Long before Obama

"no healthcare premium increases, "

And no healthcare for the poor

"no illegal immigration, " say no more

"no deadlock in government, "

And no ability to make any changes because of the self interested capitalist groups who are in power.

"no economic downturn, "

GFC started in 2008, Obama took office in 2009

"no corporate welfare, "

Should have let the banks all die

"no cronyism and more."

The US has always had that

Comment Re:Typical of those poorly trained... (Score 3, Interesting) 226

Flight 447 went down fundamentally because the two of the tree pilots ( one in particular) didn't know the fundamentals about flying and held the aircraft in a stalled state until it hit the ocean.
It amazes me that neither of these pilots owned a license for a light aircraft which is mandatory for all Airliner pilots in my country (Australia)
The other issue on the airbus is if you pull the stick back until the stall warning goes off then keep it there until the aircraft pitches further up, the stall warning stops when the pitot tubes can no longer get a reliable wind speed.
Does anyone know if these pilots had light aircraft licenses?

Comment Re:What usability problems really look like (Score 1) 554

Is this really the best way or an interim solution? If cars are so slow to charge, why are they building the batteries int the cars? Why not make the batteries replaceable like they do with the automated forklifts in factories?

Drive your car in to the charging station, battery is ejected from the side or dropped down from underneath and a fully charged battery installed, drive away.

Submission + - French government installs bugs into smoke detectors to monitor population (

aphelion_rock writes: L'obs news runs an article that describes how a hacker has uncovered how the French government has fitted bugging devices to smoke detectors which are mandatory in all homes. The bug responds to a list of 40 words such as "Allah Akbar" , "Kalashnikov", "Bin Laden", "Embassy of the United States" and presumably transfers your conversation via wi-fi to the relevant department. Google translate in English: The original article is in French

Comment Delivery to where? (Score 1) 213

Where are they planning to deliver to exactly?

They could be delivering to a closer distribution center or to the end customer?

If the delivery is to a distribution center then it is very inefficient given the small payload, if the delivery is tot he end customer then where would you leave the package? Drop it on the driveway where it would get run over by the owner? What about trees, power cables and other obstacles? Leave the package out in the rain? Would it land an leave the package on the ground or drop it an d potentially break the package.

Sounds like a good idea but I struggle to see how this would work

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