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Comment Re:What usability problems really look like (Score 1) 554

Is this really the best way or an interim solution? If cars are so slow to charge, why are they building the batteries int the cars? Why not make the batteries replaceable like they do with the automated forklifts in factories?

Drive your car in to the charging station, battery is ejected from the side or dropped down from underneath and a fully charged battery installed, drive away.

Submission + - French government installs bugs into smoke detectors to monitor population (

aphelion_rock writes: L'obs news runs an article that describes how a hacker has uncovered how the French government has fitted bugging devices to smoke detectors which are mandatory in all homes. The bug responds to a list of 40 words such as "Allah Akbar" , "Kalashnikov", "Bin Laden", "Embassy of the United States" and presumably transfers your conversation via wi-fi to the relevant department. Google translate in English: The original article is in French

Comment Delivery to where? (Score 1) 213

Where are they planning to deliver to exactly?

They could be delivering to a closer distribution center or to the end customer?

If the delivery is to a distribution center then it is very inefficient given the small payload, if the delivery is tot he end customer then where would you leave the package? Drop it on the driveway where it would get run over by the owner? What about trees, power cables and other obstacles? Leave the package out in the rain? Would it land an leave the package on the ground or drop it an d potentially break the package.

Sounds like a good idea but I struggle to see how this would work

Comment CFL's lasting almost 30 years (Score 1) 278

I have a number of CFL lamps that I purchased in 1985, they take a while to reach full brightness but still work OK. I have been replacing them with newer CFL lamps which don't last as long. More recently I have begun purchasing LED lamps which don't have the delay to reach full brightness. The LED lamps generally tend to be low on light output but are getting better.

Comment Re:Keeping Our Priorities Straight (Score 1) 504

As this threat to growth becomes more evident, investors will become less attracted to investments in the utility sector.

It's about time that power companies realize that their most important goal is not in providing customers with a quality source of electricity, but in making investors as much money as possible.

Title: "Only in America"

"Spock, did you see the looks on their faces?" "Yes, Captain, a sort of vacant contentment."