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Submission + - Child cured with homeopathic medicines: dead-> 1 1

apetrelli writes: "A child, cured by the father only with homeopathic medicines, died for a regurgitation of a fennel infusion (Google translate from Italian). The tragedy happened in south-east of Italy.
The father, Luca Monsellato, a well-known homeopathic and alternative medicine practicioner, cured the boy, that had gastroenteritis and a suspect of a flu, only with homeopathic medicines.
The parents are now accused of manslaughter."

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Comment At least VCS and IDE must be there (Score 1) 362 362

In all my jobs (I started in 2004, notice that I work in Italy) at least we had a VCS (CVS, Subversion or some horrible things like StartTeam or PVCS) and an IDE (mostly Eclipse).
In one place we even had functional testing and CI with Hudson. But the two pieces above are the minimum requirements for a decent job, IMHO.


Submission + - Killer blames a chip in his head->

apetrelli writes: A 24 years old man killed his girlfriend's grandmother (Google translation, Italian original) and tries to dissolve her with acid.
During interrogation the man explained the reasons why he did this, ranting about a chip in his head. "Today there are technologies that can manipulate the human mind,''he told investigators. He has denied the allegations, but has not responded to investigators' questions.

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Submission + - New Imaging Technique Explains Unconsciousness->

smitty777 writes: A new imaging technique called fEITER (for functional Electrical Impedance Tomography by Evoked Response) attempts to explain the process of slipping into unconsciousness. The fEITER is a portable device that creates 3D imagery based on evoked potentials measured hundreds of times a second.

The interesting finding from these studies is that unconsciousness appears to result from a buildup of inhibitor neurons. From the article: “Our findings suggest that unconsciousness may be the increase of inhibitory assemblies across the brain’s cortex. These findings lend support to Greenfield’s hypothesis of neural assemblies forming consciousness.”

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Submission + - cheap swarm robot->

An anonymous reader writes: hey're fairly simple little robots about the size of a quarter that can move around on vibrating legs, blink their lights, and communicate with each other. On an individual basis, this isn't particularly impressive, but Kilobots aren't designed to be used on an individual basis. Costing a mere $14 each and buildable in about five minutes, you don't just get yourself one single Kilobot. Or ten. Or a hundred. They're designed to swarm in the thousands,
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Submission + - First exploit on quantum cryptography confirmed->

Vadim Makarov writes: "The Physics World reports researchers demonstrating a full eavesdropper on a quantum key distribution link. Unlike conventional exploits for security vulnerabilities that are often just a piece of software, spying on quantum cryptography required a box full of optics and mixed-signal electronics. Details are published in Nature Communications, and as a free preprint. The vulnerability was known before, but this is the first actual working exploit with secret-key recording confirmed. Patching this loophole is in progress.

Disclaimer: I am one of the researchers who worked on this."

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Comment Re:Very interesting I'm sure (Score 3, Insightful) 395 395

It's about ethanol and biofuel. I think that many of us have different ideas about biofuel (e.g. I don't like it, it reduces food fields) that might be discussed.
And there's the problem of funding biofuel, that may not be fair comparing it to other alternative technologies, like hybrid or pure electric cars.


Submission + - Zuckerberg Only Eating Animals He Personally Kills

theodp writes: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has begun personally slaying animals for food, part of a resolution to fully appreciate the meat he eats by limiting it to that which he personally kills. Zuckerberg has mostly been vegetarian since making the vow, but his hands-on kills thus far include a goat, pig, chicken and a lobster. 'He cut the throat of the goat with a knife,' Zuckerberg pal Jesse Cool told FORTUNE, 'which is the most kind way to do it.' Guess it beats a chocolate bars and milk subsistence.

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