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Comment: If you can't beat them... (Score 5, Interesting) 405

by apenzott (#46560013) Attached to: L.A. Police: <em>All</em> Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation

...Join them.

I believe another strategy on this would be to setup a crowdsource movement to create Android based ALPR devices and scatter them all over LA County and have these devices harvest data for uploading to the web for EVERYONE to view, especially with the ability to get real-time tracking on any California (E) plated (governmental) vehicle.

By doing this, it would encourage the lawmakers to make it a requirement to have a specific warrant before this data collected by anyone. This assumes that the new law would be designed to raise barriers to "amateurs" entering the ALPR business and use them indiscriminately.

Best results if that can also be done in the District of Columbia and Sacramento, CA so we can keep tabs on our lawmakers actions.

Comment: Re:Open Source on iPhone will be fun ... (Score 1) 93

by apenzott (#45441203) Attached to: FCC App Lets Android Users Measure Mobile Broadband Speed

The fun begins when the iDevice app is rejected, and Apple has to explain itself to the FCC their decision.

Remember that the FCC came down on AT&T, Apple, and Verizon on the absence of tethering apps and tethering functionality that was carrier crippled and ORDERED them to explain themselves.

Comment: Why not give EVERY resident a PO Box (Score 2) 867

by apenzott (#44376051) Attached to: Door-To-Door Mail Delivery To End Under New Plan

In some small towns, there is no mail delivery.

I would prefer that the USPS grant everyone a PO Box, with automatic translation of Street Address to assigned PO Box. This would reduce the amount of letter carriers needed for a given zip code immensely. With that savings, parcel lockers and extended front desk hours would be within reach.

Comment: Lode Data (Score 1) 75

by apenzott (#43947617) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software For Tracking Fiber Optic Networks?

Although this product is part of a larger selection of CATV design software, it is well written for the lifecycle installed metro fiber with the ability to pre-allocate either fiber or individual lambdas based upon anticipated needs and stakeholders. In addition, it incorporates storage of OTDR results and allows some extrapolation for expected signal strength should future cuts and splices be needed in the future. Their traditional copper plant design tools are nice to have should this be part of a campus network design with a traditional (institution owned) CATV plant.

Results are linked through AutoCAD files for both the metro fiber map out in the field as well as documenting terminations inside the (head-end and distro) facilities as well.

Disclaimer: I have taken their Lode Data training as part of college campus CATV upgrade and have been please with what I saw on their fiber plant software.

+ - Suspect arrested in Spamhaus DDoS attach->

Submitted by apenzott
apenzott (821513) writes "According to the BBC Technology News "Spanish police have arrested a Dutchman suspected of being behind one of the biggest ever web attacks..."

"The man arrested is believed to be Sven Kamphuis, the owner and manager of Dutch hosting firm Cyberbunker that has been implicated in the attack...."

" 'Spamhaus is delighted at the news that an individual has been arrested and is grateful to the Dutch police for the resources they have made available and the way they have worked with us,' said a Spamhaus spokesman.""

Link to Original Source

Comment: What are they shutting down exactly? (Score 2, Insightful) 390

by apenzott (#34277020) Attached to: Senate Panel Approves Website Shut-Down Bill

I doubt that these senators have considered the possibly that being able to shut down an offending site (say Bing, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, Youtube, ) wouldn't have significant collateral damage.

This is equivalent to shutting down an entire mall (which happens to include an office for the County Tax Assessor, small FBI field office, post office and police substation) on the account of one bad employee grossly (mis)representing the interests of the merchant renting space in said mall.

Bottom line:
Merely having such a kill switch is not a license use it indiscriminately and not face the consequences of its misuse.
(Notice that engineers are required to retain errors and omissions insurance for bad engineering decisions, but no legislator is required to retain insurance for passing of bad laws.)

Comment: Counter-suit stratagy (Score 4, Interesting) 422

by apenzott (#33221268) Attached to: Music Festival Producer Pre-Sues Bootleggers

I would like to see a John/Jane Doe counter-sue the promoter and request an injunction to prevent the event from happening. Using the **AA logic against them, canceling the event and refunding all the sold tickets and paying the resultant venue cancellation fees would be far less costly than dealing with the resultant piracy with very little hope of cost recovery from said lawsuit.

Comment: Why can't they use this data fix their coverage? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

by apenzott (#32376386) Attached to: Telcos Waking Up To the Value of Your Location

It seems odd that now that the carriers have GPS coordinates of where their subscribers are using their services, that they seem unwilling to use this data (GPS coordinates and dropped calls) to improve their coverage and services where the customer needs it.

Oh, that entails spending money rather than making money. (Fail.)

Comment: Re:I actually bought some 3.5" disks recently... (Score 1) 505

by apenzott (#32039496) Attached to: I last bought 3.5" floppy disks ...

That sounds like my story.
Old BIOS (doesn't support USB for floppy drive mapping)
Windows Server 2003
On-board RAID controller that hasn't been sold in the last six years ("new" enough to not be included in the stock windows drivers.)
On top of that, I had to buy the floppy drive and cable to do this one-time OS reload. (None of the machines from the bone pile had a working floppy drive.)
Sure makes one appreciate the way the HP server install media can on-the-fly create an "unattended" install for these legacy OS installs.

Comment: Re:Let me get the straight... (Score 1) 451

by apenzott (#29212593) Attached to: US Fed Gov. Says All Music Downloads Are Theft

I deliberately posed this as a trick question and you took the bait.

According to the copyright law as written in Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 the Federal Government is prohibited from holding any copyright (with rare exceptions that probably don't apply here.)

Besides, the original song was written during the War of 1812 so the music copyright is out the window, that leaves the performance right.

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