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Comment: Garbage (Score 1) 112

by apcullen (#46220379) Attached to: IBM Employees Caught Editing Wikipedia

The interest in Power Computing products is mainly due to Apple’s use of PowerPC processors in its products in the 1990s, not due to the Wikipedians’ interest in IBM.

Interest in the power architecture has nothing to do with the fact that it's in millions of XBOX 360 and PS3 game consoles... it's really all about some products that Apple hasn't sold in 25 years.

And people wonder why nobody RTFA?


Japan To Create a Nuclear Meltdown 222

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from the suddenly-godzilla dept.
Taco Cowboy writes "Japanese researchers are planning an experiment to better understand what transpires during a nuclear meltdown by attempting to create a controlled nuclear meltdown. Using a scaled down version of a nuclear reactor — essentially a meter long stainless steel container — the experiment will involve the insertion of a foot long (30 cm) nuclear fuel rod, starting the fission process, and then draining the coolant. The experiment is scheduled to take place later this year."

Comment: Rebates (Score 5, Interesting) 292

by apcullen (#45175413) Attached to: OCZ May Be On Its Last Legs
They also used rebates to make their products seem $20 less expensive. There's a new rebate every week, and the rebate expires after a week. So you must file for your rebate the day you purchase, or by the time to go to collect the rebate yours will have expired.Got burned by this once. Didn't turn me into a repeat customer.

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by apcullen (#45039953) Attached to: Steam Machine Prototypes Use Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs

It runs some games faster than an 8-core AMD...

Ouch. And probably true for most games, not just some of them. To be fair though, I think most game developers target intel chips and use intel compilers. I will bet that with both playstation and xbox going aggressively multi-core, developers will change that, and we'll begin to see it in benchmarks.

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