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Comment: Re:More ambiguous cruft (Score 2) 514

by apcullen (#48938881) Attached to: The Gap Between What The Public Thinks And What Scientists Know

overall I think that GMO food is safe.

So you, and other scientists, don't "know", as TFA suggests. I'm not trying to troll, but a majority of scientists having the same general feeling on the topic doesn't ammount to settled science. Relativity is settled science -- it, or at least major aspects of it, can and have been proven. The same cannot be said for some of the topics cited.

To be fair, TFA actually refers to an "opinion gap" rather than referring to "what scientists know".

Comment: Re:Redistribution (Score 4, Interesting) 739

by apcullen (#48276985) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare
It is, only in that it redistributes money from the healthy to the insurance companies. Saying that "these people are better off because they now have insurance" is misleading. They now have to pay for that insurance, and the cost of insurance has skyrocketed since the law was passed. Furthermore, they can only be said to have benefited from having insurance if they get sick, or if they were already sick and would have been denied coverage.

Comment: Re:half nonsense (Score 1) 174

by apcullen (#47967575) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent
You CAN choose to run a private server. My older son does this. It's not too difficult to set up-- he did it himself and only needed help with port forwarding in the router. . I believe that Minecraft Pocket Edition works in a similar way.

But you have to go our of your way to run this way. And if you were to run this way there is still nothing to prevent a child from logging on to some other server (there are thousands).

Comment: half nonsense (Score 2) 174

by apcullen (#47946675) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent
On the one hand, playing minecraft can be like playing with legos. I've seen my kids create amazing things in minecraft.
With some mods, it can also teach basic programming skills and simple electric circuits.
It can be modded into a pvp shooter. Not the worst thing in the world, but it sort of kills the educational value of it. It is not a safe, walled environment because, you know, other players are coming to kill you. Moreover, even in other forms of minecraft other players can come and destroy your stuff. They can also yell at you and call you names and otherwise annoy you via the chat window.

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