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Comment: New Positions (Score 1) 892 892

More femitechnonazi bait , but I'll bite: At my last job, I was told the salary cap for my position was X and there was nothing that could be done to circumvent it. When I threatened to leave, they made a new position for me, with a cap that was suspiciously around what I was asking for. Aside from how easy it is to get around the cap, shouldn't you award people based on their skills, not on the penis or vagina? And aren't negotiation and salesmanship highly valued skills?

Comment: Re:Good! (Score 1) 326 326

If a woman or man wants to perform that role for money, how dare you try to stop them? Do you take equal pleasure in denigrating the men and women who perform in pornographic films? How about for restaurants where people with no job skills dress up in a furry costume to attract visitors? If you don't like booth babes, don't be a booth babe. Otherwise, let adults decide for themselves if the job they are doing is sexist and inappropriate, otherwise you are coddling them and acting like they are unable to make their own decisions because they are just a (girl/boy), which is at the very least patronizing and at the worse is sexist in itself.

Comment: A test for everything (Score 1) 522 522

I'd love to have a test that determines if an article is fembaiting drivel, and then promptly discourages me from clicking on it. Who cares if a function is written by a woman, or by a man, or a transgender, or by the application itself in a meta sort of way? Is this what they talk about at the Woman only tech conferences (like this one, which for the first time ever, is allowing men to attend the 'celebration of Women' tech conference!), in addition to ironically talking about equality and being included in the "male dominated tech club" ?

Comment: And ? (Score 0) 981 981

Christian schools ban evolution discussion as well as any other science that contradicts their religious beliefs. The Amish only school their children until around 6th grade. I fail to see how this is any different, other than those folks are mostly brown skinned and some politicians say their shit stinks more than ours.

Comment: Smaller Kindle Fire ? (Score 1) 134 134

If the Fire Phone is anything like the advertising-riddden walled garden of a device as the Kindle Fire HD that I bought, I am not sure how much traction it will get, no matter what the price point. I couldn't jailbreak that thing fast enough. I understand trying to push people to your own stores for purchases, but when your stores are lackluster, it just feels like a really really cheap experience. I suppose you get what you pay for.

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