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Comment: Second Life (Score 1) 636

by anyaristow (#47156773) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

Please provide a link to any mainstream working application for Mac OS X that uses Qt. I don't know of a single one because Qt's support for XCode is incredibly poor.

Second Life. They still make regular releases for the Mac (and Linux). It's open source, so you can grab a copy and see how they do it. Xcode not required.

Comment: Re:It was a joke (Score 1) 711

by anyaristow (#47156231) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

I'll lend two more points of visibility to this. The humor may not be apparent in the transcript. Watch the video, starting at 45:00:

In case you didn't watch, they're missing some important punctuation there. It was tongue in cheek... targeted at the very Apple-friendly audience. Chill

Comment: Not impossible doesn't mean inevitable (Score 1) 339

by anyaristow (#47116307) Attached to: The Singularity Is Sci-Fi's Faith-Based Initiative

When physics allows us to do something, and we understand what it is we want to do, we have an excellent history of going ahead and doing [it]

*cough* fusion *cough*

Note that those projects are getting bigger and bigger. It may be that there aren't enough people or there isn't enough money to make a sentient AI. It may also be that there is something well short of it that will give us all the benefit we are willing to pay for.

There's a world of possible outcomes between physically impossible and inevitable. It isn't sure to happen just because it isn't impossible.

Comment: Only 110K people who have figured out how to... (Score 4, Informative) 188

by anyaristow (#47116107) Attached to: Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats For $3 Billion

...sign up.

I tried to sign up for the streaming service today. I pressed the prominent "free trial" button, read the terms of service and privacy policy, and filled out the web form, only to be told "username not reserved." WTF does that mean? Temporary trouble? Hit the sign up button again...username not reserved. Picked a different user name. "Email not reserved."

So, I read some of their support forum, where other people are asking, "wtf is username not reserved", and found you had to sign up through their mobile app before you can sign up for the free trial on their website.

I checked again and found no instructions to that effect.

Maybe there are only 110K people who have figured out how to sign up.

Comment: Amazon is the new consumer item search engine (Score 1) 405

Yeah a lot of people shop on Amazon, but they search with Google, BIng, and Yahoo.

For media content, and even commodity manufactured items like guitar pedals and toasters, I search at Amazon. It's the easiest way to get a description and picture of the item, and sometimes the reviews are even helpful.

When using a search engine, mostly what you get for media and consumer products is offers to sell it. That only adds a step in the search. Easier to just go to Amazon. Once I've found it there I can use my wishlists to remember it and camelcamelcamel to tell me if it goes on sale.

Comment: the interviewer lacks problem-solving skills (Score 1) 306

by anyaristow (#46813339) Attached to: Our Education System Is Failing IT

A technical interview is mostly a sign the interviewer lacks problem solving skills. Jargon and syntax are easy to test. Pass one of these and you'll probably spend your days working on projects that are a mess before you even arrive. Your new co-workers don't know what's important, they probably value complexity because it makes them feel good about themselves, their code will demonstrate the hard way to do things, and your new boss will probably already be of the opinion that your salary is money shoveled into a hole.

Evaluating a candidate's work using a natural language is a lot like problem solving and requirements gathering. If your interviewer lacks those skills, then those things probably aren't done well at this potential employer. If the candidate lacks the ability to describe his work in a natural language, then he probably lacks those skills, too.

Maybe we would see more people in IT with problem solving skills / critical thinking if we stopped scaring them off with so many amature rote memory based technical interviews... all you will get with most of these silly test are people that are good at taking silly test.

Comment: Easier on paper (Score 1) 386

by anyaristow (#46757575) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

It's easier to do it on paper, using the PDF forms.

Last year was the first and hopefully the last year I did taxes electronically. To prepare, I filled out the government's PDF forms. Then I had to research the online filing options, picked one, set up an account and filled in all the info I'd already entered into the PDF forms, had it fail on me, picked another, gave personal info to yet another online account, had to enter all the tax data again, and then had it tell me it'd take two days to confirm acceptance, which if it had failed, would have made me late.

This year I just printed the damned PDFs I'd already filled out and snail mailed them on the way to work.

Just because it's "on the computer" doesn't make it any easier.

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