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Comment: Re:Imagine that! (Score 1) 29

If the cops actually have to do their JOB to get the job done, they aren't so eager to infringe on your rights.

I'll be charitable and say that perhaps because everyone wants to point at "X people charged in $CRIME_OF_DAY ring" headlines, it simply isn't enough of a win for cops to spend the extra time on those cases?

Comment: Re:America, land of the free... (Score 1) 720

by anyGould (#48549419) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

. I have seen people get rejected for reckless driving and DUI as being able to travel and drive to remote facilities was required, let alone a rash of misdemeanors and a felony off the road.

This opens up a good point - I'm all in favor of taking criminal history into account, so long as we're talking relevant history.

Take your example - if I'm hiring you to drive in the company car, then DUI (and worse, reckless driving) are relevant crimes. But if the job was "show up, sit in cubicle, keep servers running", without driving as part of the job? Then what do I care?

Comment: Re:Of course not! (Score 1) 125

by anyGould (#48451379) Attached to: 2014 Hour of Code: Do Ends Justify Disney Product Placement Means?

Which girl was the positive portrayal? The ditsy airhead who fell in love with an obvious creep about 20 seconds after meeting him, or the ice queen bitch who shut everyone out of her life and went on to live alone in an ice castle. Lucky that ice cutter (prince) guy was there to help the ditsy one or they never would have even made it to the castle.

Sure, these princesses aren't as completely helpless as a whole bunch of other Disney princesses, but they're certainly also not empowered woman providing a good role model.

Honestly, I'll take the fact that they have actual personalities and motivations as a good start. They do stuff, at least. (Yes, vaguely stupid stuff, but apparently Brave didn't do so well, so we're not ready to ditch the mandatory romantic plot just yet. Pity).

(Still impressed they didn't go with the "ice guy hooks up with ice powers lady"..) Disney might be learning...

Comment: Re:Sexist? (Score 1) 125

by anyGould (#48451321) Attached to: 2014 Hour of Code: Do Ends Justify Disney Product Placement Means?

Have you ever talked to a little girl? Saying that having to Frozen characters involved might interest more little girls is not sexism, it's the most common of sense.

Off the cuff, I'd say if you were going to get my kid into coding, Minecraft would be the better angle. Not only more directly connected (code this, get that in your Favorite Game of all time), it's gender-neutral *and* probably better correlation. (Just gonna guess the Minecraft-programmer overlap is a bit wider than the princess-programmer, based on my daughter's circle of friends).

Even for Disney, I'd have picked Vanellope Von Schweetz (from Wreck-It Ralph). Bit more connectivity there.

Comment: Re: I'm quite surprised it wasn't (Score 1) 523

by anyGould (#48435361) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

I thought it was pretty ridiculous to bet 10 years and more than a billions dollars on simple solar panels.

Well, it depends what you're after. I think we're all a bit spoiled from the Mars Rovers who just kept going long past their best-before date.

They got the probe there, they got it down, they got the data. Yes, it would have been nice to keep it running longer, but I wonder at what point we move from "mission critical" to "nice to have".

Comment: Re:To be expected (Score 1) 473

by anyGould (#48433993) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

Yes, but how much more would it make if all those private servers were monetized?

No doubt Microsoft won't be able to resist the urge to find out.

They already know - Minecraft offers paid servers - Minecraft Realms. If you don't want the time/hassle of doing your own maintenance, throw them a few bucks a month and they set up a server for you.

Comment: Re:Land of the Free (Score 1) 231

by anyGould (#48351447) Attached to: Berlin's Digital Exiles: Where Tech Activists Go To Escape the NSA

Sure you can. Next time you're at a theatre, stand up and yell "Fire" at the top of your lungs. Easy.

What you're confusing is the act of speech with the consequences of it - you'll get in trouble for creating a disturbance, or the injuries you caused when people stampeded over each other to get out of the room. But there's no-one standing there with a sniper rifle.

Comment: Re:how is this news (Score 2) 357

by anyGould (#48287841) Attached to: MPAA Bans Google Glass In Theaters

Perhaps they shouldn't have forked out for a pair of glasses they knew were banned from movie theaters?

And then we can ban service dogs from restaurants, because blind people shouldn't have got a dog they knew were banned from restaurants.

Really - do people even bother recording movies at the theatre anymore? And what are they going to do when hearing aids eventually get Bluetooth or some other method of recording?

Comment: Re:Small Government Mandate (Score 1) 142

Yep. Remember her premise was that only the weak needed socialism and welfare, and that it was evil. I would respect her a lot more if she hadn't shown her hypocrisy at the end, and had accepted her end (and obvious failure to take care of herself according to her libertarian principles.

(For comparison, consider if Ghandi had raised an army in his later years. Kinda ruins the point of non-violent resistance, yes?)

Comment: Re:You have it wrong. (Score 1) 323

by anyGould (#48171775) Attached to: Court Rules Parents May Be Liable For What Their Kids Post On Facebook

No more ridiculous than blaming the parents, who were at work at the time, for what their kid was doing in the school.

Except that the school *did* tell the parents. (Probably while telling them that their kid is suspended.) And the parents grounded their little bundle-of-joy for a week, so obviously they agree at some level that their kid's a little shit.

Where they dropped the ball is that Little Timmy didn't have to go over to this kid's house and apologize to her face. Not to mention checking to make damned sure that the site was down. If Timmy had sprayed graffiti all over a house, you wouldn't ground him, but figure "nah, he doesn't need to actually clean it up", right?

Comment: Re:Straw Man (Score 1) 622

by anyGould (#48142203) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

My advice to my son or daughter would be the same regarding photos of semen all over their faces: if you don't want people to see those photos, don't take those photos. Do not allow those photos to be taken. Do not allow them to exist.

Do you also advice them not to get a credit card, because fraud could happen? "If you don't want people to steal your credit card info, don't get a credit card. Do not allow them to take your info. Do not allow it to exist."

If I steal your car, is it your fault for buying a car? You could have chosen not to have a car, after all.

What if the photos exist in non-digital form (y'know, the old fashioned way). If your son or daughter is robbed and the photos are stolen from their apartment, is it still their fault?

That's the fallacy - forget hacking. These people were robbed, and the robbers are now flaunting their ill-gotten gains. It's no different then getting robbed, and then the crooks taking ads out in the paper showing pictures of all your underwear with snarky comments attached.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 185

by anyGould (#47970173) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

No, but in England and Wales, “You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in Court.”

In other words, you do not have the right to not say anything.

Read it again - you have the right to stay silent. But if you later pipe up in Court with important details that are now convenient to you, the prosecution is allowed to point out that you had the opportunity to mention this earlier and didn't. Nothing compells you to say it at all.

Comment: Re:What Microsoft could do (Score 1) 210

by anyGould (#47897839) Attached to: Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

Employees are also told to say they’re calling from Ontario, and the callers used fake names.

Using fake names is actually a thing in call centres. Once upon a time, I worked for a completely legitimate educational facility, calling alumni for donations. (Hey, better than retail, right)? Rule 1 was to never use your real name, because (a) you never knew if someone was going to go all stalker-y, and (b) it's an easy mental barrier between people venting at you, and, well, you (because they're not yelling at me, they're yelling at "Antonio".)

Comment: Re: Actually (Score 1) 210

by anyGould (#47897815) Attached to: Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

I know this is sort of off topic, but duct cleaning is a real thing. I work in the HVACR (air conditioning / refrigeration) business. Now there are scammers in all trades, but if you are worried check the BBB or Angie's list to see. Duct cleaning makes the system more efficient, removes mold and bacteria. Just my $.02 .

As a consumer, I'm not going to buy *anything* over the phone. If you're a legit business, you'll have better luck running ads or putting flyers in my mailbox or even knocking on my front door. There's so much spam over the phone (between the OMG-you're-in-trouble to the You-Just-Won-A-Trip-From-An-Airline), that you can be the most reputable company on the planet - I'm not buying shit from you over the phone.

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