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Comment End of internationally based search engines. (Score 1) 271

If google were a U.S. only, it could shoot the big finger at Japan because of the Speech act. But because Google has assets in Japan, it will have to comply.

Because of this case and others like it, eventually internationally based search engines will become untenable.

Comment You must have the source code! (Score 5, Interesting) 112

This so-called bug is only possible because users do not have access to the source code. From the user's perspective it does not matter if this was done because of pressure from NSA or convenience of maintenance techs!

This class of bug is unknown in the free software world because your project will forked.

All corporations are subject to enormous pressure from corporations, and therefore can not be trusted, even if the management wanted to play it straight.

All populations, including the U.S'es are targets of information warfare by the NSA and GCHQ.

There is no security without the source code.

Comment Bondage and discipline Language (Score 1) 386

"Like many of new languages, Rust is walking the path of simplification. I can generally understand why it doesn't have a decent inheritance and exceptions, but the fact itself that someone is making decisions for me regarding things like that makes me feel somewhat displeased. C++ doesn't restrict programmers regarding what they can or cannot use."

This is the definition of a bondage and discipline language. The idea is that the central committee designing the language knows better than the programmer. The central committee will prevent the programmer from making certain "mistakes" by leaving the concepts out of the language.

If only the central committee had control of natural language as well, they could prevent the programmer from committing thought crime by thinking forbidden thoughts.

As it is, the programmer will flee the bondage and discipline language as soon as he figures out what is going on.

Comment start at the root, we must have securable hardware (Score 3, Insightful) 58

Free software, yes. Bug bounties, maybe.

But recent developments have made clear that securable hardware is sine qua non. All firmware must be in socketed memory, so that you can take it out and externally check it. You can't trust an untrusted system to check itself. All firmware must be protectable with a hardware readonly jumper or switch.

I know that this is inconvenient and a revolution on how hardware is currently made. but if people started demanding it en mass, it would not cost very much. And I mean the firmware in disk drives and optical media players and especially routers.

There may be other requirements.

This is sine qua non. Without this we have nothing.

Comment Assume all proprietary router software compromised (Score 2, Insightful) 57

Once and for all: all proprietary router software must be assumed to be compromised. The NSA has been totally committed to ruthless information warfare against the population of the planet. There is no way a corporation can resist them. They consider themselves totally above the law.

Do not buy a router unless OPENWRT supports it.

Always overwrite what ever firmware came with the router with a new install of free software.

The days when Joe Sixpack can just buy a router an plug it in are over! You must do this.

Security experts need to take a close at uboot software commonly used to install alternate firmware. And check if NSA has hacked that up as well.

Comment systemd runs on my rincky dink Pi just fine. (Score 1) 716

I run a service on my Raspberry Pi that distributes hardware random numbers to my lan. For computers that don't have a hardware RNG. Just to see what the fuss was about I converted this Pi to systemd. It worked fine. The unit files were easier to read and write.

On my desktop I run debian testing. and I converted to systemd, with out knowing it, just by doing periodic updates.

Systemd is still free software. All the source is published, and it can be forked at any time. We need this functionality. It is a good thing that it has been redesigned to work smoothly together.

If the complainers really wanted to help, they could do a security audit instead of bellyaching!

If pottering becomes unbearable, the project can be forked. A lot of powerful forces need this project to work, so I suspect it will.

Its just a lot of whining and bellyaching from people who don't want to do anything.

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