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Comment It is not ratioanal to believe in the big bang! (Score 1, Interesting) 194

The early Universe postulated by the big bang was low in entropy. Another way to say low in entropy is low probability! The probability that the matter and energy of the Universe organized itself into the form postulated is an extremely low number. I mean really really really really small! Take the smallest number you can think of and make it a gazillion time smaller than that!

Now consider the probability that human beings made a fatal error in constructing the big bang theory. This number may be extremely small, but it is a gazillion times bigger than the former number!

The more likely possibility is that human beings made an error. Thus it is more rational to believe in the possibility with the greater probability, namely that human beings made a fatal error in constructing the big bang theory.

Welcome to David Hume's argument against miracles! It is valid.

Comment David Hume on miracles and the big bang. (Score 1) 383

David Hume's valid argument against miracles also works against the big bang! In any human intellectual activity, there are 3 possible sources of error.
  1. Known unknowns
  2. Unknown unknowns (the unknowable)
  3. Known unknowns (things we have been exposed to, but refuse to acknowledge, that is, prejudice)

The last two are by definition impossible to quantify. My guess is that they are much more common than the first. So let us limit ourselves to only the first kind of error. Estimate the probability that the human process that resulted in the big bang theory is fatally flawed by a type I error. Now estimate the probability of the big bang initial singularity! This number is immensely smaller than the other figure. Apply Hume's argument against miracles.

One finds it is not rational to believe in the big bang theory. This is a killer argument! I accept it.

If one examines the argument in detail one finds that it applies to any theory that assumes the 3rd law of thermodynamics over cosmic times!

Refute it if you can!

Comment selection effects of the scientific method? (Score 1) 383

What are the selection effects of the scientific method? A huge part of human life, has data that can not be made part of science. It not repeatable even statistically. It is not siteable in a journal. This non-repeatable info might not be important if the universe is impersonal. But how do we know that reality is impersonal? If the Lila is alive, then it interacts with the investigator. It could be like questioning a child. Science ignoring non-repeatable info, could be causing the Lila to be alter its response.

Science will never be able to prove that we live in an impersonal Universe, for which the scientific method always works. This is an assumption that you need to apply the scientific method. You can never prove your assumptions!

Comment if you get too old you are not allowed to program. (Score 1) 279

If you get too old the insurance costs to employer go up. But you are not allowed to discount that in the market, because that would be "discrimination". But they can refuse to hire you in the first place and make up some non discriminatory reason. So the reason old folks can't get a job doing a skill they know how to do, is because government decided to "help" them.

Instead, we must con women to do what they (quite rationally) don't want to do, so we can get our statistics right.

Remember this the next time government says it wants to "help" you.

Comment Don't forget the moon! (Score 3, Interesting) 45

Remember the current theory of the formation of the moon! The collision could eject a huge amount of H (in various forms), into space. This gives an opportunity for isotopic sorting, the lighter H having a greater chance of being blown away by the solar wind, the heavier having a greater chance of coming back.

Comment End of internationally based search engines. (Score 1) 271

If google were a U.S. only, it could shoot the big finger at Japan because of the Speech act. But because Google has assets in Japan, it will have to comply.

Because of this case and others like it, eventually internationally based search engines will become untenable.

Comment You must have the source code! (Score 5, Interesting) 112

This so-called bug is only possible because users do not have access to the source code. From the user's perspective it does not matter if this was done because of pressure from NSA or convenience of maintenance techs!

This class of bug is unknown in the free software world because your project will forked.

All corporations are subject to enormous pressure from corporations, and therefore can not be trusted, even if the management wanted to play it straight.

All populations, including the U.S'es are targets of information warfare by the NSA and GCHQ.

There is no security without the source code.

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