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Comment: off, patent's trolls! (Score 1) 344

by anton_kg (#35565458) Attached to: Microsoft Continues Android Legal Assault
Microsoft, Oracle and other trolls just get to $$ck off. Double click and thousands more such patents are not IP. It's axiom which does not require proving. Any other person with less brain then you could "invented" it 5 sec and probably did. They just didn't have money and impudence to "patent" it.

Comment: Re:Nuke it from orbit (Score 1) 376

by anton_kg (#35258928) Attached to: Confidential Data Not Safe On Solid State Disks
Absolutely agree. The research has been done using bad initial conditions. They used both Windows and SSD which doesn't support TRIM command. Then they used tools which were not design neither to deal with SSD secure delete ATA command no TRIM command. They have got false results. I guess students don't study hard these days.

Comment: Re:work with what you've got (Score 1) 709

by anton_kg (#34695164) Attached to: Why Teach Programming With BASIC?
I'm with you. I've started with BASIC 20 years ago and it was cool to type 10 print "A" and see "A" on the screen. Today, the char "A" on the black screen is definitely *not* impressive. People do amazing things using Javascript, like a 1kbyte size AI chess master. Go and teach HTML5, Javascript; something what is more visual like jQuery. Whatever, but no BASIC.

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