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Comment Re:If it's "settled", it ISN'T "science" (Score 3, Interesting) 464

The people saying "global warming" are all paid to say "global warming" to get/keep Government funding, so that government can dictate to everyone (except rich n powerful) that we need to give up every technology that makes the world run.

The fact is, ever number has been fudged to get the results they are wanting, to prove what they need to prove, to keep getting funding to support something that has no basis except "consensus"

When every major prediction has failed, the the consensus cannot be right. I remember all those predictions of "worse hurricanes" followed by "almost no hurricanes", and "Polar Ice caps disappearing" only to have "polar Ice caps expanding (which is now the new "proof" of global warming), on down the line.

not to mention the Greening of Africa, when it was supposed to be getting drier and more desert like: http://news.nationalgeographic...

The problem isn't Global warming, it is that EVERYTHING is blamed on it. Ice growing or shrinking .. GLOBAL WARMING, more snow GLOBAL WARMING, more rain and greening in Africa GLOBAL WARMING!

In fact, global warming may in fact be good for the planet, even if it isn't good for Humans. ;)

Comment Re:The endless contractor cycle has to stop (Score 1) 169

Let me translate that for you in Gov-Speak - "We will outsource IT security oversea to India! It will save money, we will get the best and brightest minds in IT, and, the whole system is mobile so we can transfer to another should their performance drop".

And the Chinese is next in line for that contract. Why hack the servers when YOU'RE HOSTING THEM. Yeah baby yeah!!!

Comment Re: Cool (Score 1) 169

My objection is that they are assumed "law" but never having been through the Legislature, cannot be "law" ... by definition. So the assumption should be "these aren't laws, more like guidelines".

The problem isn't executive orders, it is that they aren't really laws, but are still treated as laws.

Comment Re:If it's "settled", it ISN'T "science" (Score 1) 464

Gravity, from our understanding of Newton's laws, we now know Newton was wrong (technically) but close enough (approximately correct). We know this because Einstein's models are more accurate (and yet .. still not correct). The problem with science is that it evolves as we gain understanding. AGW has so many different variables in it, that it is bound to be wrong, and we can't even tell how wrong it is.

This is why people use terms like "consensus" instead of "proven", because quite frankly it is still hypothesis and not even a very good one.

Comment Re:If it's "settled", it ISN'T "science" (Score 0, Troll) 464

When the answer to "it is settled" is based on "consensus" and not actual facts, then there is a problem. Once upon a time, Piltdown Man was "consensus" (and considered fact) science. The problem is that Science isn't consensus, it is fact based.

Now, go and look at the Actual facts on AGW propopents, and you'll find all sorts of arbitrary and politically motivated "adjustments" to climate models whenever they break. Like the 15 years of "no global warming" (and counting) and the whole slew of predictions gone wrong. With a track record of failures why should we believe the GW proponents?

IMHO the Science isn't settled, because science isn't consensus.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score -1, Troll) 464

LOL, it was NEVER about science. It was all about establishing FUD so that taxation and social engineering can be put inlace to protect the politicians / elite of society. You didn't think they would ever eat the dog food brought about their own policies to combat AGW did you?

Comment Re:Asinine (Score 1, Insightful) 124

Between these hackers and Hillary Clinton keeping top secret info on her server, frankly, I don't think anyone cares anymore. We have an incompetent government elected by incompetent people. What the fuck can an smart and intelligent person such as myself do? I'm surrounded by a hoard of blooming idiots!

Comment Re:Price Is Still Just One of Two Sticking Points (Score 2) 179

Yes, the SSD does have a separate tracking algorithm to manage dynamic LBA mapping to cells for wear-leveling. And yes, and abrupt power outage can corrupt and brick the drive. The OCZ Vertex series have a history of this happening where it can't decrypt (internal) and mount the value due to said corruption. Newer SSDs such as the prosumer and enterprise variety include extra capacitance to ensure half-writes don't occur and thus recover from both a firmware and OS journaling file system error.

Comment Re:Price Is Still Just One of Two Sticking Points (Score 2) 179

Some swapping of live data occurs, but having extra slack free space to move around in helps the algorithm better work within those constraints. In fact, Samsung provides a utility called Magician to manage Over Provisioning for extended life. It's not required, but ostensibly it does help.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 216

HSR is a non-starter for most locations, IMHO. The cost is way too high for it to be functional.

Hyperloop is, from what I understand, way more flexible than HSR, and just as fast (or faster), with less of the overhead. That would make it a good replacement for larger citys like LA or NYC or even in metroplexes like SD-LA and the whole Beltway on the East Coast. It might even work for San Diego - Seattle or Boston-Miami runs.

Which is why I would suggest that if they start building it, start in NYC or LA with Proof of concept. The problem is, that nobody is going to build semi-permanent infrastructure for Proof of concept, as it is really egg-chicken problem.

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