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Comment: Re:It's worse than that, it's physics, Jim (Score 1) 43

by pudge (#47557827) Attached to: Just how much lying is acceptable in support of "Higher Truth"?

I don't see it. I see the article as saying more that Hitler was horrible, and Bush is even worse than that.

The reason why Bush is worse is because Hitler meant well. That's what it says. That's what I am talking about.

It's a false dilemma to assume this means the writer thinks Hitler's dishonorable acts were ok

I never said that. I said that in comparison to Bush, he's not as bad, which is what you agree he said.

Of course, as pointed out by both smitty and I, the writer is factually wrong that Hitler meant well.

And I agree with that.

I find your mockery wanting

I find your understanding of it to be wanting.

and it is more likely to backfire and make the left stronger.

No, it's not.

Taking weak and cheap shots makes your side appear petty and unable to field a better argument.

Mocking the left for taking cheap shots, by pretending to take a cheap shot, is an actual cheap shot?

Comment: Rule of law (Score 1) 12

by pudge (#47554741) Attached to: So this problem isn't new, or owned by either party

I've been saying for years, leftists generally hate the rule of law. They just do. The rule of law means they are restrained from doing what they think is best. Therefore, they hate it. There is infinite evidence of this. They openly question whether we should follow the law at every turn, from the top (Justice Breyer and President Obama) to the bottom (pretty much every "occupy" protestor).

We actually had a majority of the federal legislature decry a Supreme Court decision that merely said -- in reference to Lily Ledbetter -- that you cannot punish a company under the law, unless it actually breaks the law. Not to mention the case that said the federal legislature cannot restrict political speech by a person or group of persons, just because they are organized a certain way under the law, that also got massive opposition from liberals.

Time and again, the left just demonstrates a very clear and palpable hatred for the rule of law. They would have us ruled by enlightened people who would be free to make up rules as they went along.

Impeachment is a stupid idea. It will likely give the country little benefit to shave a mere year or so off his presidency, and generate massive animosity that will increase the liklihood of another law-hater being elected.

Comment: Re:It's worse than that, it's physics, Jim (Score 1) 43

by pudge (#47554671) Attached to: Just how much lying is acceptable in support of "Higher Truth"?

I think you're missing my point.

The article I linked to said Hitler was bad, but at least he meant well, unlike that evil Bush.

I was being mocking, parodying leftist idiocy that will mitigate -- at least, by comparison -- the most dishonorable acts if we can pretend that they were done with noble intent.

Comment: Re:Bigger phone batteries would be nice. (Score 1) 114

Okay, here is my question of the day. What the FUDGE are you doing in the woods where you want a Cell phone on all the time? Smart phone at that (feature phones can last days on a smallish battery)? Additionally, you should likely be carrying a battery backup that actually holds a big charge (10,000 MA min), the unit you have won't run my Andoid phone for more than 5 hours. While the battery backup I carry will run it for 40 hours of normal use. Hell, my spare batteries (size matters) are more 600MA bigger and a lot smaller in size. Here is the key to the failure ...

Freeloader’s solar panels can charge its internal battery in as little as 8 hours

Takes longer to charge than it lasts under normal conditions of my phone. Weighs more than several spare 2100MA batteries for my phone. More expensive than same several batteries or a nice big external battery pack. You might want something like this instead.

Anyways, here is my points, in a nutshell

1) Camping; Defeated the purpose of "gettting away from it all"
2) Hunting: Scaring game away every time you get a txt/call (Vibrate makes noise). Silent mode works, but unless you're checking every three minutes. See also #1
3) Logging; You're busy working, get a feature phone* (not smart one) and be done.
4) Out in the middle of nowhere; No cell signal or 2g at best. Feature Phone* is better choice.

*Feature phones work better in areas of sketchy cell service. Their battery life is very long. The battery requires less power.

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Google Car (Or similar) based Taxi Service coming to a big city near you, and using Tesla Electric cars (or similar) will provide most of the "local" transportation needs in the future. Imagine, being able to hail a cab, get in (and share??) and get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Human Taxi drivers will go the way of buggy whip makers.

Comment: Re:What do I think? (Score 1) 223

by Archangel Michael (#47552845) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

"I would be in favor of a program that provides these devices to low income families." I am in favor of equal access for all and huge believer in the benefits of technology. Putting a laptop into the hands of every child at school will not give them those benefits.

So, what you're saying is that you are in favor of giving technology to low income people even though you don't believe it will give them "those benefits". Which is either too vague (I have no idea what you actually mean) or mutually exclusive "waste of money"

My whole point was that Technology gives access to knowledge and Education in ways that people cannot see, because we are stuck in "industrial" education model (Factory schools). Electronic computing devices, including Chromebooks, iPads/tablets, and full function Laptop/Desktops DO provide all sorts of benefits, and easily and affordable as we want, even mostly "Free" (for content). AND That will give students (teachers, parents etc) the ability to break free from Industrial Education into highly specialized and intensive education, at the pace every student can select for themselves.

Lastly, your mistaken about my viewpoint, because either I am not articulating it well, or that you are simply still stuck in "Industrial education" mode. YES you have all those things, and yet you still see them as a benefit to "industrial education" rather as an opportunity to extend education in a way that benefits everyone, based on ability, rather than the parents wealth.

The only way to make sure that we have a society that is well educated, is to provide equal access to Education, apart from industrial education model we currently have. We currently spend a great deal of money on the Politics of Industrial Education and funding our failing schools because we have failed (as a society) to realize that the educational needs of our society have change. We do not need robot industrial workers, we need knowledge based workers who can learn new tasks and acquire new skills quickly and efficiently. Something our current school design cannot do, because it wasn't designed for that purpose.

I still feel sorry for your kids, because you've given them tools, without teaching them how to use them to learn, and create.

I can see how you mistake passion to make everyone the best possible person as "Irrational Emotion". Our schools will have to change. I see that change is needed, and because I am in front of the curve, I appear to be crazy. I accept that.

Comment: Re:Not subject to "monetary policy" (Score 1) 149

by Archangel Michael (#47552571) Attached to: US States Edge Toward Cryptocoin Regulation

With Most Crypto Currency, there is a finite amount of coins that are possible, not infinite. Once the diminishing returns on Mining Happen (happening now) it becomes harder and harder to create new coins, and thus the inflationary pressures actually turn into deflationary. This gives a very distinctive advantage to working hard and earning coins, savings, and long term outlook. However, this doesn't play well with our disposable goods economy.

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Depends on the pants. The iPhone5 fits nicely in my front jeans (deep) pocket . The larger phones make sitting down difficult as the phone now presses up against my hip. I was thinking about upgrading to an iPhone6, but now i'm not so sure. The "phablets" can die in fire for all I care. I want my smart phone to be a phone first and foremost; that includes a small form-factor.

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by pudge (#47544561) Attached to: Just how much lying is acceptable in support of "Higher Truth"?

Right. But the point is that they now say it was an oversight, even though the architect said it was intentional, and for a specific and well-defined purpose.

So we know the language of the text is clear: it's for state exchanges. Their argument became, "well that wasn't intentional; if it were, that would be contrary to the purpose of the ACA." We know however, based on this quote and other similar ones, that it was intentional, and perfectly in line with the purpose of the ACA.

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