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Comment: Re:Piracy is not the problem - incumbency and bugs (Score 1) 375

by antime (#40804465) Attached to: John Romero's Doomy View On Android and Ouya

Finally, let me add that this problem has nothing to do with openness, open-source, or fragmentation.

Well it's kind of related to fragmentation, because even if Google fixed all the bugs ever it would mean fuck all as long as the device manufacturers refuse to update their devices.

Comment: Re:missing option (Score 1) 321

by antime (#40411051) Attached to: Give me a solder gun, and I can produce ...
Any decent desoldering braid will be pre-fluxed. My preferred brand is Chemtronics Soder-Wick, and I've never had problems with it. When starting out I bought some random cheap braid from the hobby store, and it was completely useless.

The cheap Chinese flux from DX and similar (counterfeit Amtech and the likes) can allegedly leave a conducting residue that the genuine product doesn't. It'll still work for soldering, but cleaning the board afterwards becomes more important.

Comment: Re:Metcal (Score 1) 321

by antime (#40404761) Attached to: Give me a solder gun, and I can produce ...
I got myself a second-hand WD1M and it's one of the best investments I've ever made. Soldering directly to a 1m^2 ground plane is a piece of cake, it heats up instantly and is just a great product all around. My only niggle is that the micro-pencil tips are kind of expensive and not as widely carried as Weller's other type tips.

Comment: Re:Only advantage of GCC over clang... (Score 1) 711

by antime (#39998505) Attached to: FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC
But it's not even written in what we'd call C, but rather this awful macro-fied monstrosity that makes it resemble LISP a bit because that's what RMS likes. It's no coincidence that many research projects have jumped over to LLVM, stating that the GCC source code is too difficult to work on.

Comment: Re:Apple already deprecated GCC too in Xcode 4 (Score 1) 711

by antime (#39998449) Attached to: FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC
You can go through the GCC development mailing list archives to find many people (including GCC steering committee members) citing RMS explicitly forbidding features that would let GCC be used as part of a proprietary compiler (eg. dumping the internal representation or reading back an IR dump). Since LLVM and Clang started gaining steam a few years ago some of those decisions have been reversed, allowing eg. the plugin system of newer GCC versions.

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