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Comment: just the basics please! (Score 1) 62

I think smartphones are really just grasping at straws now. Most people, including me, just want to text, talk and maybe do email or Facebook and take quick pictures once in a while. For the once advanced but now basic tasks that 99% of cell users do now, these devices are basically like using a flame thrower to light a cigar. I probably use about 1/5 the horsepower of my current HTC One and the thing sucks battery like a leech.

  The next big thing in smart phones will probably be the $99-$250 phones that have a decent enough screen and just enough ram and CPU for text, talk, music, email and the occasional netflix. The Lumia 520 is an example of such a phone. Paying $500+ (retail unsubsidised) for a phone is stupid and wont last much longer.

Comment: Beta- more space for BAD ads (Score 2) 135

by anthony_greer (#46179439) Attached to: Why Robot Trucks Could Be Headed To Afghanistan (And Everywhere Else)

so the beta is obviously just a ploy to cram more ads into our already way-over-exposed-to-ads eyeballs, but the ads you do show SUCK...I keep getting ads for a hotel that I looked at several hours ago for a business trip that is already booked now...and at home I get ads for stuff that I already bought on amazon...give me a break! how stupid is this targeting? and why do we need more of it again?

Comment: Closing my DICE account (Score 4, Insightful) 221

by anthony_greer (#46177731) Attached to: Military Electronics That Shatter Into Dust On Command

I have used dice to find many jobs, including the one I have right now, but I will not use Dice again if this beta isn't reversed.

Dice makes way more off of a placement than some silly adverts, if the technical professionals who read this site want to make a stand, kill your Dice profile - want to find a job? target your goal city and call head hunters, they will get you good jobs if you have a good skill.

Comment: I call BS (Score 1) 438

by anthony_greer (#43976345) Attached to: XP's End Will Do More For PC Sales Than Win 8, Says HP Exec

The only ones using XP are businesses, and they are buying hardware as usual on the scheduled cycle, they are just wiping the drive and imaging XP when they get they transition to 7 they will just be wiped and reloaded after a data backup - I automate this for a living, been there and done it 2 times since Win 7 came out.

Comment: Re:email leak (Score 1, Troll) 476

This is part of the reason why people are against global warming - when people mention reasons why they don't believe it, or ask real questions about it seeking clearer understanding, all we get is attacked, demeaned and insulted.

One of the things I do remember from high school science class is that when you don't understand something in science, you should ask hose saying it to clarify or explain their position, that is all I am going - I thought that was the scientific process, but apparently in the case of global warming, this doesn't apply because its easier to just insult those who dont clearly understand or would like details.

Comment: data sample question (Score 0) 476

I have always had an honest question about the data on global warming that no one can seem to answer so I will try here...

It seems that the past 5 decades or so of accurate satellite and temp data is way to small of a sample. It would be like looking at my speedometer while on the freeway on ramp and extrapolating that 45 minutes down the road I will be going 25,000 MPH not accounting for the fact that I will stop accelerating and maybe even break in that time...How can we know with precision about Earths climate 300 years ago, much less 3,000 or 3,000,000 years ago

Comment: Develop ability, manageability, stability (Score 3, Funny) 1215

by anthony_greer (#43949523) Attached to: What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

Windows is a great platform for development - Nothing really compares to Visual Studio+TFS+MSDN for business dev

Windows is manageable - You can do it by hand with batch scripts run on work group PCs via remote PowerShel sessions for real small shops,and scale into use of AD as you grow, and further manage all aspects with tools like System Center and Intune. Nothing else offers this level of control,

Windows is pretty bullet proof...I know in a controlled datacenter environment Linux is rock solid, but my only use of linux is on my Roku and Nexus 7 - both have crashed 2 times in the last week - I have had 0 BSODs in Windows 7 or 8 since 2009, including use of pre release code on both versions. I know that is antidotal but hey, I know what I see and I haven't had a windows system crash that was not caused by hardware failure in many many years.

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