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Comment: Turns out (Score 1) 561 561

No, t turns out most people don't want an EV to be FUNCTIONALLY DIFFERENT than the cars they know. Plugging it in every night is fine- until the night you forget, or the kids knock the plug out. Then you have no car the next day.

A car, for most people, is not something that you can realistically be only one day away from not having the use of, which there is some risk of with an EV, much greater at any rate than a normal car. That's why hybrids sell OK while real EV cars generally have not.

I'll put a side chiding in for super funky dash boards of some EV cars I've been in that are vastly too large for the space the car has.

Comment: Re:Dice supplying stuff to make a resume look nice (Score 2) 64 64

Today's software engineering world is so averse to training people it rarely considers searching for a veteran software engineer and letting him come up to speed on random techs.

Not to put too fine a point on it but that's your own responsibility, not the company you work for.

If there is an aversion to companies training people. that' offset by the ease of learning any newer (or even older) technology, for free.

If you wait for the company to help you, you (and your career) will ossify. I have seen the result when I was younger, the result is not good for your freedom to choose favorable working conditions.

Comment: Re:Why live there then? (Score 1) 80 80

Everyone in the midwest has been saying this to rent-is-too-damn-high whiners on both coasts for a long time now, and nobody listens.

I have a number of friends working in technical fields that live in the midwest (places like Ohio) that would strongly disagree with you...

There are many who do find healthier lifestyle choices compelling.

Comment: Why live there then? (Score 1, Insightful) 80 80

If you work for the state, where do you HAVE to live in the bay area? Shouldn't the state alleviate the issue by having offices for these people in other, less expensive, areas of the state? You could attract a lot of people at a lower salary using quality of life as an attraction if you locate somewhere outside the major cities... there's a lot of California and all of it is not as expensive as the bay area.

Comment: Re:Conferences are one thing... (Score 0) 307 307

I gave my reason originally; you just seemingly cannot comprehend it. That's on you.

If you want words to read because you lack simple common sense , read this

Since I am assured you'll learn nothing from that either, I leave the last response to you as it's not worth following up on helping you more than that.

Comment: Follow the Money (Score 1) 307 307

Didn't stamp my feet. Pointed out they seemed to be, unreasonably. You just reenforce the point I made.

Which "new technologies" are they behind on exactly again?

Oh I forgot, they are so backwards in officially supporting ad-blockers going forward... hmm all of the sudden the whining about Safari makes so much more $ense now.

You web developers really don't understand where the market is going, do you?

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