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Comment: I think I quit gaming. :P (Score 1) 213

by antdude (#48423125) Attached to: Three-Way Comparison Shows PCs Slaying Consoles In Dragon Age Inquisition

For me, I pretty much quit video gaming. I think I got old, too BUSY, and burned out (no time and energy). I have been gaming since I was a callow ant since the late (19)70s start out with Atari 2600 and arcades. I noticed my gaming started fading after WoW came out. Once in a while, I'd play quick games like in Flash online. :D I still have Windows games (World in Conflict, SW:Battlefront, Cyrsis 1, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, etc.) to resume and finish (not sure if I will ever will though). :(

Comment: Re:Group homes vs nursing homes (Score 1) 228

by antdude (#48408173) Attached to: The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia

I am almost 40. When I live in Christian college dorm(itorie)s, I had room and suite mates. Same for neighbors, outdoor access, and easy access to near by. I loved it, but I don't have that anymore because everyone moved out to get married, have their own families, etc. :( Of course no female mates want to marry me (still never had a date and a virgin). :(

Comment: Re:Early adopters (Score 1) 153

See, this is what turns me off. I don't want to have to use another device! It should just be a standalone device. I don't want to carry and be near another device. Also, I do not need to be online all the time. Hence, why I still wear and use my Casio Data Bank 150 calculator watch!

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