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Comment: Re:Accessibility is still a sad joke! (Score 1) 72

by antdude (#48949853) Attached to: How Blind Programmers Write Code

Yep, I don't use standard display settings as well on my test machines. It amazes me how many issues I run into. I used to be a SQA tester/analyst for my employer (got laid off last week from a 10% layoff) and had to write up many issues about usability and comestic issues. I am very picky in catching them (can see slight differences like a pixel off, color differences, etc.). Most of the reported issues are just deferred or cared not. There need to be stricter rules about accessibility. :(

Comment: Re:Juuust Right (Score 1) 300

by antdude (#48930551) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

What about desktops and lappies? I prefer those.

I still want clicky (model M) keyboards so I can type like a machine gun (can't do that with tablets with no physical keys' surface bumps), power/speed (e.g., compiling and gaming!), etc. I rarely go out, weak to carry heavy stuff, and move around due to my disabilities. I don't even own a mobile phone.

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