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Comment Re:Sure do. (Score 1) 282

A few years ago, I booted up my Compaq Armada 1585DMT lappy (Intel Pentium MMX 150 MHz with 32 MB (upgraded from 16 MB) of DIMM EDO RAM, 256k cache, 12" 16-bit high colors active matrix display at 800x600, Cirrus Logic CL-GD7548 (LCD PCI) with 1 MB RAM, ESS Technology ES1878 AudioDrive PnP (without a true wavetable card), 10X Matsushita/Matshita UJDCD8700 IDE CD-ROM drive, internal Compaq Armada 1500 series 336 FaxModem (33.6k), 2.0 GB IDE harddrive, 2-buttons touchpad. Added a Kensington 2-buttons mouse and Netgear FA510 NIC (PCMCIA). Running Microsoft Windows 95.0b (OSR2)) from my college days. It still worked. I giggled at its animated Star Trek's LCARS boot screens. Also, my customized desktop, sounds, icons, etc. And then, I Dbanned its HDD (accidently took out its BIOS partition too -- oops!) and donated it (not sure who would use it though?).

Comment Re:Hearing aids (Score 1) 311

I just got a digital bone conduction hearing aid (Oticon Sumop DM) with its oscillator. Sheesh, digital sucks compared to analog (e.g., 380P) that I had since I was little for about 35 years or so. I get annoying feedbacks and echoes once in a while. My audiologist told me my type isn't old technology even if it is digital. :(

I am not the only who dislike digital hearing aids too!

Comment College! (Score 1) 136

However, I used UNIX through a borrowed CSUF's remote shell account before I even went to college with dial-up modems. I used mostly to FTP (e.g., and Z-modem (still use this old school BBS' file transfer protocol!). After I started going to college, then I learned about Linux in c(lass/ours)es and from (nerd/geek)s. They were mostly on their local machines (labs) and still remotely (mostly dial-up). And then, I finally installed Red Hat (RH) Linux (v5?) on my own box (dual boot with Windows) after I graduated. I kept using RH until v7.2(?) since v8 sucked until Mouse(y) told me about Debian which I still use today. :)

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