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Comment Re:Anyone know... (Score 1) 520

They're deploying their huge cash reserve (approx 60Billion + or so) and utilizing some of the money back from the 30% app store cut, to subsidize the procurement of critical components. In short, they're ensuring that the competition doesn't get hold of flash devices, LCD parts etc by locking up suppliers by ordering in bulk. Its something like, they taking a huge hoard of cash to Sams Club and buying up everything...

Comment Re:And I thought Office 2010 was hard to use (Score 5, Interesting) 403

Bubbles reminds me of the original vision for KDE4, except that "Bubbles" was/is referred to as "Widgets". Information flows to and from the internet into these
"widgets" in the KDE4 desktop. They have stuff like Facebook/Twitter feeds directly accessible and writable through these widgets and something like an OpenSocial framework for social interaction. Not exactly the same, but the idea seems to be very similar to KDE4.

Comment Facebook+Email=More fun & stories on Lamebook (Score 1) 240

I look forward to more hilarious stories on Lamebook...one receives a job offer through email from a prospective employer and it immediately gets posted on the user's wall...if your current boss reads it...you're out of the door..

The possibilities of such snafus are endless...(/me adds lamebook.com to bookmarks)

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