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Comment: why hypocrites (Score 4, Insightful) 153

by anonieuweling (#44194289) Attached to: EU Parliament Supports Suspending US Data Sharing
Why was sharing all that data with the USA OK in the `war on terror`?
Why suddenly, when the EU leaders and G20 are spied upon, as it occurs, is this sharing suspended?
Why was it OK to violate privacy of EU citizens because of US demands?
Why doesn't it occur in full yet that the USA are a totalitarian state and that they want to put their views onto the rest of the world?
Why doesn't the EU show willingness to harbour Snowden, Assange and Manning as a gesture of humanitarian nature?
Why doesn't anyone understand that it won't help the USA at all if they incarcerate Manning, Assange and Snowden? The leaking will continue, just with more caution.

+ - Backgrounds of the DotCom raid->

Submitted by anonieuweling
anonieuweling (536832) writes "Kim DotCom released a video and a whitepaper explaining what happened and why, back when the NZ police raided his home.
Kim paints a disturbing picture of a failed state where certain organisations are beyond lobbying.
The whitepaper is linked in the notes of the video."

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Comment: usa has issues in this case (Score 1) 369

will the lax security situation w.r.t. the information involved be taken seriously?
too many people have too much access so the info is not a secret any more.
also Bradley was not in a condition to be granted such access. big oversight/misjudgement by the superiors.
finally the 'national security' horn is touted wayyy too often in the former USA (now UPSA or USSA) so that has no value.
Bradley has to be treated like whistle blower exposing evil governments.

Comment: explanation please (Score 1) 186

by anonieuweling (#41831443) Attached to: New York Data Centers Battle Floods, Utility Outages
Why does the USA have these disasters each time?
Now it's New York.
Their biggest financial center TOTALLY disabled and destroyed for an estimated 50-100 billion dollars.
No real protection against water.
Our 2nd Maasvlakte -an industrial/harbour area- has 18 meters of levees.
What height of protection did Manhattan have?
Do we need to send aid to build some protection against the water for our former colony?

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