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Comment Re:How timely... (Score 1) 91 91

x86 is probably going the same way as Sparc. x86 is powerful but too powerful to be used on mobile devices and doesn't scale very well on desktops when it comes to parallel processing.

Intel continues to work on reducing power consumption of x86 while retaining performance.
ARM continues to work on increasing performance while retaining low power consumption.
I'm hoping for everybody to win.

Comment I have a dream... (Score 1) 113 113

...of a Slashdot where the editors actually edit submissions and turn them into something approaching standard English.

When actual fucking EDITING commences, I'll consider that worth coming up with the bucks to fly out to Oregon and meet you guys at *Con. Thanks for the invite, though.

Comment Re:Wrong age (Score 1) 315 315

But knowing to not shoot selfies of yourself being a total jackass is something that can make some sense a lot earlier than 18. If some 15 year old can know enough not to drop his pants in front of his grandmother or in front of his classroom at school, he already has what it takes to know not to do it online.

Mod this up. (I've already posted in the thread, so I can't.)

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