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Comment: Re:Whoah (Score 1) 574

by anon* (#22227738) Attached to: How Many People Will Select The Same Option As You?
There are lots of examples of this.. people think they're doing something at random, while human nature makes their actions anything but. Take Zener cards, for example - the ones they use to test people for ESP.
There are five different designs, (circle, cross, three wavy lines, square, and star). If you ask a person to pick one of those cards at random, you'd think the odds of any single card being chosen is 20%. Actually, the star gets chosen much more often then any other design.

Same thing if you ask a person to make a simple drawing of anything they can think of. You'd think people would draw all kinds of things, but most of the time they'll draw a house or a stick figure. It seems to be random and unpredictable, but it's really not.
User Journal

Journal: Funny? 2

Journal by anon*

I just finished metamoderating, and I was wondering... why do we meta funny/unfunny posts? If they don't affect karma, and if humor is so subjective, why do we bother?

Journal: Just a note

Journal by anon*

Someone else mentioned this, and I thought it was a good idea... I moderate funny stuff as "funny", but I moderate really, really funny stuff as "insightful" because... well, because it is. And sometimes people deserve the karma.

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