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Comment: Re:Find a new site (Score 1) 660 660

by anomrabbit (#31923530) Attached to: Website Mass-Bans Users Who Mention AdBlock
Right now I have a combo of Ghostery, NoScript, and AdBlock. A few months ago I used DoGood ( which replaces ads with thoughtful messages or sometimes ads for eco-friendly companies. Too bad they haven't updated their extension to work with the latest version of FF.

Comment: Re:No ideal solution (Score 1) 428 428

by anomrabbit (#30466520) Attached to: What Does Everyone Use For Task/Project Tracking?

The book itself is technology agnostic (he actually uses folders and pieces of paper)

agnostic --> analog ?

My recommendation would be Time Management for System Administrators ( It has lots of little tips and short anecdotes.

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