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User Journal

Journal: Recycling (or re-purposing) a dead printer.

Journal by anominous

I have a printer - an Epson Stylus Photo 790 to be exact.

It ceased to function many moons ago, when the print head gave up the ghost. It's mechanically/electrically sound, just doesn't squirt ink any more!

So, to me, it's now a USB interface with precision control of 2 stepper motors, plus other (potentially useful) stuff :)

I have a couple of ideas for projects - but the current stumbling block is how to control it. The printer driver will be of no use, it's not intended to be used in such a way; I want to be able to step both motors backward and forward, on command.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

I'm comfortable in C# / VB (sorry, pls don't bash me for MS background!) - but I've no experience at all in driver development.

Many thanks,


User Journal

Journal: Does anybody read this stuff? 1

Journal by anominous
Curiosity leads me to ask - does anyone ever read the JE's of random people?

Long time listener, occasional poster.

There are 2 people on here who's JE's I frequent. I've considered posting my own, but wondered "is it worth the effort" - will anyone even notice, or will it be a purely self-serving exercise?

So, if you do read this, please let me know :) If I get "hits", I might start posting JE's.



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